Community Planning Dark Souls 1 Global Restart on June 10

The Dark Souls Reddit Community is setting up June 10 to be Dark Souls 1 global restart day!

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esmittystud1011803d ago

Timing was bad for me. Just a week ago I got done with my first playthrough on Dark Souls using B.C. on X1. I think I had 170 hours for the playthrough. This past weekend I started DSII: Scholar of the First Sin, I have maybe ten hours of playtime so far. After that I have DS:III to get to. I did play Bloodborne all last year, 300 hours on it. Which was my game of the year of course. Yes, I played The Withcer 3 as well and enjoyed it but not as much as Souls. I have Demon Souls as well I need to get to. Just waiting to see if I need to go buy a PS3 or by some slim chance PS4.5 will have the B.C. feature then of course I don't need a PS3 then. I hate to buy a whole console for one game.......but I will if B.C. never comes Sony's way. Demon's Souls was $20 brand new disc. I couldn't pass it up. Its even cheaper now at $15 this week on Amazon.

I did mess up though in Dark Souls in only two events the entire playthrough. Seigmier I accidently hit him on one of his last encounters where he drops down to an area with enemies and I thought I was suppossed to help him and to find out you just let him kill the enemies. Anyways when I accidently hit him he became hostile of course and even resetting the bonfire, when I came back he was still hosile. So that ended his quest and his daughters and I couldn't catch them in Ash Lake at the end. The other mishap was not really a mishap but after I beat the last boss, I didn't light the bon fire becasue I walked too close on the other end of the room and got the Dark ending. Which is fine.

I probably will do another playthrough of Dark Souls one day. But after DSII: SOTFS, DS:III, Demon's Souls. Wait.........I'm playing Souls all year long????????? What a great send off to the series. I hope From Software brings more of what they do in there next installment. Just keep it dark and keep it wierd is the only way to go.

Movefasta19931803d ago (Edited 1803d ago )

Till this day,no game has topped Demon Souls and Dark SOuls 1 for me,two greatest games i have ever played.
And Seigmier has the best lore,so sad :( i failed quite a few times before i got it since you have to let him kill those enemies when he drops down like you said,i kept messing that up.

esmittystud1011803d ago

I know what you mean. I figured they were going to kill him. I even killed all the other enemies before hand except one, i only hit the last enemy one time to leave some health on it. When he drops down, he starts fighting and I paniced. I thought for sure they were gonna kill him or something. So when I R2 an enemy he of course R2 at the same time and I hit him. LOL. He became hostile instantly even though I was trying to help him.

Before in some Souls games I have accidently hit NPC, some don't mind and don't get hostile. Instance in Dark Souls II: SOTFS with the blacksmith in Majia. He just moaned once and that was it.

FlyGuyHung1803d ago

I just started to play this game again after a 2 year break. I just cleared Anor Lando. I'll probably be closed to done by the time the people who started to replay it are done. lol

esmittystud1011803d ago

Anor Londo is so nice looking until............that princess throws a fit.....well.....i did throw I knife at her.

Message on ground before Princess: " Huge chest ahead"................... ..LOL

I love these games.