The Jimquisition: Game Industry Executives Are F***ing Idiots

Jim Sterling:
Battlefield 1 has turned a lot of heads. Its announcement video is the most liked trailer on YouTube. Hell, even I’M interested in it.

Electronic Arts executives, however, didn’t want it to happen, which is sadly true of a lot of executives in this industry. People who know nothing, yet are paid to control everything.

They’re idiots, and we’ll never know what potential future successes they killed in the womb.

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Hoffmann1804d ago

This article is worth reading. Commented there

1804d ago
thorstein1804d ago

Sounds like they know exactly what they are supposed to be doing.

BTW, if you're so amazing, jimbag fatling, why aren't you a CEO? Why aren't you guiding the industry into untold heights of grandeur and profit?

The mere idea that the people who head up a publishing house are idiots is laughable. And since you are including "Game Industry Executives" that includes the heads of developers too.

What a trash article, like everything else you write. Time to move out of mom's basement, jiminy.

plmkoh1804d ago

Easier to be an armchair expert focusing on negativity and criticism than to be constructive and proactive.

Pandamobile1804d ago

Lol don't take it so personally. He's right though, most executives are extremely out of touch with what actually makes a good game.

Godmars2901804d ago

Didn't go to business school would be my guess.

As for you evidence that game execs know what they're doing the argument isn't about profits but quality. That it was chance that a WWI COD is going to be a thing.

Off topic:
Sorry about the earlier attempt with this article. First time trying to submit something post site revamp.

Germany71804d ago

"Journalists" like you are not behind.

Godmars2901804d ago

What does that even mean?

Germany71804d ago

Do you like this feminist?

1803d ago
Godmars2901804d ago

And what does what he's saying here has to do with what passes for feminism these days? SJWs are about having their narrow viewpoints being taken as gospel and exploiting like-minded totalitarian collectivism to exclude anyone who even sounds like they're questioning them.

Given that Sterling is a king sized egomanical asshat more times than most, who right now comes off as having an SJW mentally for dismissing something solely because of who said it?