Amazing Cosplay of Aloy from Horizon Dawn by Ibelinn Cosplay

Keith: Here's a fantastic looking cosplay of the heroine, Aloy, from the upcoming Horizon Zero Dawn title for the PlayStation 4 - Ibelinn Cosplay.

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TwoForce1797d ago

I like women who cosplay like as Aloy.

ITPython1797d ago

That face though... Looks like a dude.

SquidBuck1796d ago

that's why you like it isn't it ;)

ITPython1796d ago

Lol, when I saw the article picture I was instantly reminded of one of the characters in Stargate SG1 (TV show, not movie) named something like skarah. From my memory it looks very similar to him.

TwoForce1796d ago

Well, Aloy is kind like a tomboy.

1796d ago
spicelicka1796d ago

Finally some great cosplay that doesn't rely on boobs to get the views.

TwoForce1796d ago

I agree. Well, Overwatch cosplayer are hot, but I prefer this.

ITPython1796d ago

A man in drag is certainly different from the norm when it comes to popular female cosplay, that's for sure.

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