Mastering Roadhog, The One Man Wrecking Ball

Pixelgate writes:

''Roadhog is easily one of Overwatch’s most deadly tanks. His mechanics may not be devious as other heroes in the game, but there’s a number of tricks to make use of. Known for his ability to take out players, there’s much more to Roadhog.''

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Momo1181800d ago

the tankiest tank in the game for sure

Perjoss1800d ago

Roadhog's chain -> shotgun combo can be finished with a melee attack with almost no delay on it, you don't really need it on lower health characters but its great for extra damage on tanks and such, its a bit like Genji's alt attack -> melee -> dash combo, if you do it fast enough you don't even see the melee animation.

You can see the Genji combo here at about 25 secs in:

PixelGateUk1800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

that's what i said in this guide?

Perjoss1800d ago

Sorry I didn't see any mention of following up the shotgun with a melee, maybe I just read through your guide a bit too quickly. Its a really nice guide otherwise.