The Games of E3: ReCore

ReCore is a Microsoft exclusive, Action Adventure title from the creators of both Mega Man and Metroid Prime. The game tells the story of a world inhabited by robots where humanity is all but extinct. Your human antagonist, Jewel, will partner with various robot companions to explore a barren world looking for any signs of human life.

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Playable_Gamez1796d ago

It's pretty pathetic how discreet this game has been. MS needs to bump up the marketing for this game.

UnHoly_One1796d ago

Wait till they have something tangible to show, and until it gets closer to release.

Going by MS history, the last couple weeks before launch, you won't be able to watch TV without seeing ads for it.

uptownsoul1796d ago

I doubt this game comes out in 2016. If it releases in October it will be overshadowed by Gears & Battlefield 1. If it releases in November it will be overshadowed by CoD & Titanfall 2. And before people tell me its not like any of those games, neither was Sunset Overdrive & it didn't do as well as it could b/c it was surrounded by way bigger games. So it would have to release by the end of September & I don't see a AAA releasing within 3.5 months from the very first time we saw in-game footage.

jb2271796d ago


Yeah I sounds amazing on paper & I've been dying to see it in action, but I think it would be in its best interests to delay. First off there's the obvious idea that they penned out a Spring release date in the first place so they obviously believe it would be advantageous to release in that time frame for maximum sales potential. Secondly, there is an issue with Inafune's involvement, I'd assume when Mighty No. 9 fell off the rails, this game did as well, Keiji had a public financial agreement & his full name traded on Mighty No. 9, so I'd assume fixing that would've taken precedence. Thirdly MS may not want to release it in close proximity to Mn9 if the controversy grows any further on release. Spring 2017 is the safest window for this game, can't wait to see gameplay & I'm really hoping it lives up to that Zelda crossed with Metroid statement from the devs.

showtimefolks1796d ago

i think recore isn't being looked at as a true AAA experience. like greg miller said this is a tier 2 exclusive(doesn't mean it won't be good)

sammarshall1021796d ago

I can't wait to see more of this game

Gamist2dot01796d ago

I like the concept of this game. Here's hoping we'll get to see actual game play next week.

Paytaa1796d ago

One of my favorite surprises from last year's E3. I love the concept and atmosphere of the game. It makes me think of how I loved having DOG as a companion in Half Life 2.

Really hope for some gameplay next week.

Fun fact: Joe Staten who wrote Halo's 1-3 and Destiny is the lead writer for ReCore.

Sirk7x1796d ago

Lead designer, programmer and artists for Metroid Prime are what really grabbed me lol

andresegr1796d ago

If this game releases this year, i will change my name to Pierce O'shit

neolego1796d ago

It's fair to expect a delay, and it's totally likely to happen, but Fallout 4 wasn't shown until E3 last year and launched 5 months later. I'm not saying they are the same game or the same types of teams, but I'm just saying it's possible for MS to be holding back for a full reveal and then release in the fall.

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