All This Hate Over Gamespot's 'Overwatch' PC Vs PS4 Comparison Video Is Silly

The big video game controversy of the moment is yet another gameplay video posted by the traditional video game press, which various gamers and YouTubers are pointing to as more evidence that game journalists are terrible and pathetic while YouTubers are haloed paragons of gaming virtue.

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Aloy-Boyfriend1800d ago

From IGN's lack of proofreading, Polygon's inept reviewers, to this obvious oversight, it's pretty clear that gaming journalism has gone to shit

droojohnson1800d ago

You didn't even remember the period at the end of your sentence. Lack of proofreading, or simple human error even in the presence of proofreading, does not invalidate written work.

Pledius1800d ago

sure but he doesn't run IGN, Polygon, GAmespot, and etc...

that should have higher standard than some random guy in internet comment section

PurpHerbison1800d ago

I forgot we are sitting in an english class where we are about to be graded on our N4G comments.

Lighter91800d ago

I think comparison screens or articles are merely flamebait. Everyone should be happy with what they have.

CrimsonWing691800d ago

Why is it silly? These media outlets need to be held accountable for their BS. Guess what, we're tired of it and we're not backing down just because another media outlet says we're silly for doing it or twist something like they did with gamer gate.