Why a World War Call of Duty Could Be Coming Next Year.

TCMFGames discusses the possibility of COD 2017 possibly bringing the series back to World War and this goes beyond just the obvious hate for Infinite Warfare.

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1801d ago
ScorpiusX1801d ago

Cause EA/Dice just backhanded Activision with how awesome it will be .

MCTJim1801d ago

Its called Battalion 1944..made by bulkhead interactive. CoD for me is no longer a buy. Passed on the last one because of AW and Ghosts. Glad I did too.

Shubhendu_Singh1801d ago

Does Sledgehammer has time ? (COD2017)

If they had started working on something after AW, they must be 1.5 years already into it.
Seeing BF1 reception, do they have time for making a WW2 game in only 1 year ?
Treyarch however will have full 2.5 years for the production of WW2 game but for 2018.

Chaosdreams1801d ago

World at War remaster held behind Infinite Galaxy, or some nonsense.

It's Activision we're talking about. They don't care about what you think. They care about the money the sheep keep bringing in.