The Last of Us, Until Dawn, Bloodborne and More Discounted on North American PSN

Ready your wallets once more as Sony has slashed the prices of some of its most popular PS4 games on the North American PlayStation Store. The likes of Naughty Dog’s seminal The Last of Us, From Software’s Bloodborne and Evolution’s (R.I.P) DriveClub have had their prices cut down to size.

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SeanScythe1799d ago

dang i wish Bloodborne would drop around $10.

theXtReMe11799d ago

Youre getting a hell of a deal at $20. Also, Driveclub @ $7.49 and Until Dawn @ $20 are a no brainer. The great thing about this generations games, is that they tend to drop in price fairly quickly after launch. At launch, you can get them for sub $50 prices and weeks after, sometimes $40 and under.

It pays to wait, if you can. You get great games at incredible prices, in doing so.

SeanScythe1798d ago

I still have a backlog of games to finish. The Witcher 3 DLC, Fallout 4, Uncharted 4, The Division. The last game like Bloodborne I played was Demons souls. I enjoyed it but I don't have that free time anymore. Full time Job, Wife and 2 kids under 3years old is a lot. I waited this long for it to drop in price and for a Single player game that I know is time consuming I want to spend as little as possible. $10-15 is the most I'd spend. I'm not a huge fan of the series but it looks fun and I can wait a little longer if needed.

Goldenarmz1798d ago

And Best Buy gamers club makes it even cheaper if you still buy physical copies. I never buy from these sales as I can usually get them for much cheaper with my member ship. Plus tack on the coupons if you shop at BB regularly. WIN

ziggurcat1799d ago

$20 is a steal for Bloodborne.

Eidolon1799d ago

You can get a physical copy with GCU for $16. You're holding out on playing a great game over $6-$10? I'd understand a PSN indie game, but not Bloodborne.

aquaticDonut1799d ago

I like how you're getting disagree votes. Like people don't want the game to be cheaper.

Eidolon1799d ago

Everyone wish it could be free, but that's not going to happen, it may be months and months until we see it at $10. So he's just being really cheap to want to wait that long to play it over a few dollars, or he pretty much just has low interest in it.

nX1798d ago

If you don't have 10 spare dollars for a game like Bloodborne, for many the GOTY 2015, you're better off living from Steam sales altogether.

CorndogBurglar1798d ago

Of course everyone would want it to be as cheap as possible. But its already discounted 50% for $20. Some people can just never be pleased and always want a little more.

I'll be picking up Bloodborne, TLOU (as i've never played it), and Until Dawn. 3 fantastic games for the price of one. Yeah. You can't beat that.

CorndogBurglar1798d ago

Lol jesus. Some people just can't be pleased. Who wouldn't like Bloodborne for $10? But come on man, its already discounted 50% at $20. Thats a hell of a deal.

C-H-E-F1798d ago

Ehh, I bought BB brand new release day. And I just beat it two weeks ago... and guess what. I don't feel like initial cost was enough this game was astounding.

trywizardo1798d ago

yeah,they should make it free on next month plus games ...

deafdani1798d ago

I got Bloodborne for $20 on Black Friday. Had I known this game was THIS massively good, I would've bought it at launch for full price happily. I'm currently 24 hours in, and it's already become my favorite game on the PS4 (yes, even better than Uncharted 4, in my opinion).

$20 for that is an absolute steal.

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OldGuyStillGaming1799d ago

Even now Bloodborne is worth $60

For $20 it's a damn great deal

IamTylerDurden11798d ago

If u recently got a PS4 and u don't own TLoU, Driveclub, or Bloodborne you should buy them all right now. These games are required material for any PS4 owner, and at less than $50 for all three.

InTheZoneAC1799d ago

absolutely no reason to not buy driveclub if you're a fan of any racing game

hduce1799d ago

I really liked Driveclub at launch and even more so after the updates and patches. I paid full price for it and don't regret it. Only a fool would pass it up for less than $8.

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Eidolon1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

I would but I have no racing wheel and I wouldn't say I'm into racing games because I have no wheel to enjoy them. Is it like GT, or all cars preset, no tuning/upgrading/ etc? Without that it's boring to me if I have to use a DS4, the wheel makes it funner.

nX1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

Driveclub is built around playing with a controller, I'm not even sure wheel support was there at launch. It's very different from GT, more of a arcade racer with semi-realistic physics and insane graphics.

InTheZoneAC1798d ago

I'd much rather use a controller due to steering wheels never feeling "real" and no camera view in game can give me that realistic field of view(VR headsets would definitely fix this issue since it's basically a "panoramic view")

Eidolon1798d ago

I guess I don't like realistic racers then. :p I liked the PS2 GT's, haven't played any newer ones.

Scatpants1798d ago

It's like an entirely different game with a force feedback wheel. I don't even like racing games with a controller, but with a wheel they're great. I can feel exactly when I lose traction and when I get it back again. That makes a big difference.


I saddly have no wheel yet for this gen. Have projcars and dirt,,, and its just not the same. Thought id have one by now but real life i have a truck payment and buy gasoline : (

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Soc51797d ago

Wow just got it for 7 bucks, I had never played it before, it's surprisingly good and at that price a steal. If you like driving games and own a ps4 get it!
I was impressed even the menus are well done and the load times are really short.

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Morgue1799d ago

I just noticed that when viewing a game in PSN store the backgrounds are different for each one. Kinda cool looking I guess.

InTheZoneAC1798d ago

I saw the new background for one the games I was watching a video too, thinking it was just a promotion for that one game. Said to myself I wish they did this for all games and sure enough they did.

JamesBroski1799d ago

I want to buy DriveClub, but I don't have PS+, am I going to miss a lot of features other than online mp?

nX1798d ago

I think the a-synchronous online features still work, so you get ghosts from other players during offline races. In any case you would regret not buying it at this price, you wouldn't even be mad if PS+ gave it out for free next month.

JamesBroski1798d ago

Thanks for the headsup man!

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