Dead Rising 4 To Be Windows 10 Store Exclusive on PC; State of Decay 2 Also Expected at E3 2016

Dead Rising 4 will be a Windows 10 store exclusive on PC, and many more details have been spilled. State of Decay 2 has also been confirmed to be featured at Microsoft's press conference.

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Chris_Wray1801d ago

A Windows 10 store exclusive. Well normally I would argue that something made by a third party but being limited to W10 store exclusive, completely ignoring MS' saying that they weren't trying to make a walled garden, is a load of rubbish, I can't exactly argue when they fully funded it themselves.

I'm looking forward to State of Decay 2. First was brilliant, even if they did double dip with the re-release they made. Not a big problem when they did it on the consoles, giving the improved visuals and such, but on the PC we already had them, all the PC version got were patches and expected to pay for them.

mhunterjr1801d ago

They never said the werent making a walled garden. The win10 store IS a walled garden. They said they aren't aiming to turn the entire PC landscape into a walled garden...

Kreisen1801d ago

And yet they keep trying...

Christopher1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

Well, that's solely because they can't control what third-parties do and know it would be stupid to try and force them to fall in line with their views. But, can guarantee what they can put behind Win10 wall, they will.

Not saying that's not normal, though. It's just what it is. I just hope they don't go too far in competing against Steam. That's a war that won't look pretty.

Edit: That one tweet poking fun at MS was savage.

kenwonobi1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

You can just be sure when Microsoft says they are not doing something it means the opposite. They are certainly slowly grabbing the gamer into their grips with constraints. There will be every facet that involves Windows and Microsoft subscriptions. It's coming.

IrishSt0ner1800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

It seems most people don't even realise UWP is a seperate closed platform within the Win10 OS. Developers can still release games in exactly the same way as all previous Windows. Games on the 'walled' Win10 store can be launched with 3rd party software (e.g. Steam).

It's thier attempt to get more app developers on the Windows platform to try closing the gap with Android and Apple, one build can deploy across all devices is a nice sell.

Of course the fact that MS are only releasing their exclusive games on it brings the attention of gamers, other companies keep thier PC games on their own platform... so it's nothing new..

MS will be forced into a huge compromise by the hardcore gaming market.. although I do think UWP is here to stay as it's actually very good for the whole unification aspiration, added security, idiot proofing etc..

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Spyroo1800d ago Show
kaiserfranz1801d ago

Excellent! I have been waiting for the new State of Decay for a long time, can't wait to bring the mayhem online

sammarshall1021801d ago

Same here these are two games that are day one buys for me

Festano1801d ago

Yes! Dead Rising 4 will be great with Frank, I can feel it

sdcard4gb1801d ago

Unless they make it into a angsty drama with Frank who curses all the time and stuff that has nothing to do in DR. You know, like that one other CAPCOM franchise.

Phil321801d ago

I love the Dead Rising series. Hope this new one is just as solid!

gangsta_red1801d ago

Why not, remember...Capcom supposedly needs the money.

Alexious1801d ago

Indeed, even Dead Rising 3 was funded by Microsoft.

Sciurus_vulgaris1801d ago

If it was on PS4 and PC only he wouldn't of made the same comment.

DeadlyOreo1801d ago

Yeah. So if Capcom need the money why not make it for every platform? I think Sony doesn't really care for DR, fair play to MS.

State of Decay was fantastic, good to see a sequel.

-Foxtrot1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

We need to stop this exclusive shit. Dead Rising 3 was a Xbox One exclusive, Sony got's over, it should have been left there.


Oh please Mystic Meg tell me my future and other things about me since you obviously know me well enough to say that kind of crap. How arrogant

darthv721801d ago

So Fox... PS4 is NOT getting Deep Down? That was touted as a Capcom Ps4 exclusive and if you say that dead rising 3 and SFV are canceling each other out then Deep Down and DR4 should both be multiplat games.

IIFloodyII1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )


Because they don't have the money to take the gamble on it selling well? MS funding it takes all the risk off them, so Capcom considers it a smarter move, then going at it alone. I don't believe they've released a single AAA game this gen without either Sony, MS or Nintendo giving them financial support. The only non-remastered game I can think of, that they did on their own is Revelations 2.

MachuchalBrotha3161801d ago

@Fox Trot and DeadlyOreo.

Dead Rising started on Xbox and to me its a Xbox game. I wouldn't play it on Playstation even if it was an option (same goes for games like Metal Gear,Final Fantasy) games I associate more with Playstation.

And I know you guys will attack me, again Im glad its staying exclusive. You guys say Xbox needs exclusive, well heres one.

Christopher1801d ago

That and the very long history of exclusive content/games.

GhostTurtle1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

If they needed the money, why in God's potato sticks would you not release it on steam? I get its funded by MS, but....f*** W10 store

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Lonnie181801d ago

Yep guess I'll have to skip this one also just like Dead Rising 3 because it was exclusive!

sammarshall1021801d ago

I feel for you, Dead Rising 3 is pure fun and this one is supposedly using Unreal Engine 4 so it'll look better graphically too

Sm00thNinja1801d ago

Well that's just ignorant. If one consoles all you have I get it but you're robbing yourself of a great gaming experience

343_Guilty_Spark1801d ago

Probably takes very little effort to have a game run on both Windows 10 PC and Xbox

Christopher1801d ago

No. It might take less effort, but very little? Absolutely not.

kraenk121800d ago

You don't know much about game development if you think that's true.

DragonbornZ1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

Those games were both funded by Sony and Microsoft. Same here.
Capcom needs the funding.

Omegasyde1801d ago

exactly - Capcom is broke. I'd rather have MS pay for development than it not being made at all. Its business. Same scenario with Street fighter - if Capcom could afford it they would happily make it multiplatform since it would be more sales.

gangsta_red1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

"We need to stop this exclusive shit. Dead Rising 3 was a Xbox One exclusive, Sony got's over, it should have been left there."


The real world doesn't work that way. I don't think there's any rule of 'even stevens' when it comes to how companies do business with each other.

If MS or Sony came to you with a blank check and said make me a game, are you really going to turn it down in favor of using your own money to make the same game and then spend more to port it to three or four different platforms?

hduce1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

@Gansta_Red You can't teach common sense. Money definitely talks in the gaming industry. Sometimes exclusivity sucks for the consumer but this is the reality of how things are going in gaming. Luckily I have all the gaming platforms so I'm not effected as much. If I were a gaming company and someone offered to fund my project for exclusitivity, I'll take it.

_-EDMIX-_1801d ago

@hduce- "I'm sorry. I didn't realize you and superchiller were dating. Your long winded and incessant posts proved to me that you're getting emotional. I could care less about the Wii U sales. Does not hamper my enjoyment one bit. I have better things to do than repeatedly cheer lead in a comment section. Get a life. I am out of town in the middle of no where on a business trip bored out of my mind by you continue to monitor every post I make. You know there are more worthy causes than fighting the good video game fight. I'm guessing you are in your teens or a immature basement dwelling 20 to 30 something"

Why did you PM me this? lol

"Does not hamper my enjoyment one bit" I don't want it to bud, my post is merely talking about the situation as it pertains to business.

Mind you, why even try to make it seem as if its not worth your time, yet make a personal and immature PM?

Buddy, its not that serious and I'm not posting it to make you feel bad or attack you are anything of the sort. I don't even hate Nintendo as a gamer, merely as a company I don't agree with what they do many times.

I still own a 3DS and got many games for it, in fact Wii U is the first Nintendo console I've ever skipped. I won't comment on anything like "The only thing missing is his girlfriend edmix writing a long winded rambling essay in the comment section" as its just immature and irrelevant to the point We may not agree on many topics, sure, but keep it about the topic at hand.

I won't make fun of you, call you names, PM you insults or anything like that. I'll merely illustrate that I won't do it.

Who knows, we likely have many games we like in common. Just don't take the comments being made about Nintendo so personally, I still buy their games and still plan to buy their next platform if it has certain titles that I like.

I of all people can tell you no one is always going to agree with you, but I don't expect to be agreed with 100% of the time. This is reality, we all have different views.

FlameBaitGod1801d ago

These people are so stupid(Capcom) lol, they see the short term money instead of the long term. Do these people still don't understand that the majority of PC gamer's hate the Windows store? Do they even bother doing a survey or something on any of this ?

sammarshall1021801d ago

Those people who limit themselves just because something is only on Windows need to deal with it

Khaotic1801d ago

Why hate the windows store, I mean it's you're choice but you will miss out on some great games for stupid blind hate

FlameBaitGod1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

They deal with it by not buying it lol, Quantum Break PC sales anyone ?

Why hate windows ? blind hate ? are you joking ? hate because it has horrible PC support (they could of redeemed them self's with Quantum Break but that game ended up being a horrible port) and the only thing PC gamer's remember is how bad Games for Windows Live was. There's just cause for the hate so please drop the innocent act.

ScorpiusX1801d ago

Deep Down is most likely why

JEECE1801d ago

I don't see why this is a big deal. Dead Rising only ever got big because it was on 360 early when there wasn't a big library yet. When Dead Rising 2 came out on both consoles mid-gen, it didn't make anywhere near the same splash. Most PS3 users ignored 2, so why not make 3 and now 4 exclusive to Xbox One?

Hold_It1799d ago


Except Dead Rising has done better than Dead Island and Dying Light which both fit and were that whole "nothing else was out at the time so everyone acted like it was the best game ever made". kind of game.

JEECE1799d ago

@Hold_It I don't know that it did better than Dying Light (which is also a far better game in any event), but even assuming so, I'm saying Dead Rising did well because it was out when there weren't a lot of games out on the 360 at all, not just that there weren't many in the window that it released (which is what you are saying about Dying Light). Dead Rising came out before Gears and COD 4, so people on 360 were still playing original Xbox games at that time. By the time Dying Light came out, PS4 and 360 had solid libraries, including long-term multiplayer titles. A better comparison is something like Knack that sold over 1.5 million on PS4 despite not being well-received at all, simply because there were only a few games out at the time; a Knack sequel wouldn't touch that, even on a much larger install base.

That aside, Dead Rising 2 still made very little impact (particularly on PS3), so I just don't feel like the PS4 audience is losing out on much, since we probably weren't going to by a Dead Rising game anyway. Literally the only thing getting attention to this game is the fact that it is supposed to be exclusive; if it was multi-platform, the leak wouldn't have been a big deal at all.

PFFT1801d ago

Why not? Capcom has already released SF5 exclusive on the PS4. And Umbrella Corps is also releasing exclusively for that console as well. So DR4 being an XB1 exclusive is only fair.

Golden_Mud1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

It's kind of simple, Microsoft could have offered a deal that can't be refused, and that deal is to make the game all costs on Microsoft, and with that, Capcom gets revenue without no lost.

Khaotic1801d ago

I wonder how they split the revenue?

TheUndertaker851801d ago

@Khaotic: Microsoft is probably entitled to X amount of revenue until they recoup what they spent if not a little profit if the game does well enough. Little profit being subjective as if you're Microsoft in this case you'd want as much profit as possible.

Pogmathoin1801d ago

Fox, did you complain when Street fighter was PS exclusive, or you just a sad fanboy? MS are behind this game, they are entitled to do it like this.......

-Foxtrot1801d ago

I don't really care for SFV and complainined at the lack of content before release

Sooooooo check your facts and don't arrogantly assume

Pogmathoin1801d ago

So, then in that case, it was a content issue, not the fact Sony made it a 3rd party exclusive? So your selective then? With Sony, its fine, with MS no? Cannot have it both ways, its only an issue now because MS secured this one?

Tobsesan1801d ago

Foxtrot aka doublestandard I guess.

Lennoxb631801d ago

Because Sony isn't going to pay as much as MS. Sony is just going to rely on their fanbase to buy it. So there's the risk of not enough people buying it to make a profit.

BlackTar1871800d ago

guarntee some of the people who are responding to Fox were mad dogging SF5 for it's SOny exclusivity

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