UGO: Hands-On Rise of the Argonauts

UGO: "Last time we checked in on Codemaster's Rise of the Argonauts we were sat down in a small meeting room and watched idly as the title was demoed for us. Strictly a hands-off affair. And no fun. But those times are now gone!

Today we were treated to the entire first section of the epic action-RPG, and you know what? We're feeling pretty excited about the stage that's been set for us. Rise of the Argonauts opens on a traditional marriage ceremony in ancient Greece. Jason, alongside his wife-to-be Alceme, make offerings to the Gods. They burn incense and cleanse the fire in water. They take an arrow and dip it in poison. Wait a second… arrow in poison?

Before we know it, Alceme has taken the arrow in her chest. She falls to the ground, dying in Jason's arms. And that hulking brute Hercules just stands there staring in shock. Obviously, the lady dies, but the blind assassin has blown his cover and is now making his escape.

The action starts here. I took command of Jason and made off after the killer with my spear in hand. A number of enemy troops (I learn they're called the Black Tongue Assassins) move in to cover the killer's escape and I'm instantly thrust into combat."

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LastDance3701d ago

sounds good:)....Im interested in some average games...ya know...none of this TRIPLEZ AAAness. I just Trap r/gunner....or....Conflict desert storm...

Just fun games.