Nintendo Rumours | Kingdom Hearts Wii, Fire Emblem Bonus & More...

A selection of rumours have appeared over in Japan on the 2ch forums that are just too juicy to ignore. So get ready to take them all with a hefty pinch of salt and read on below:

- From Software is currently working on a first-person action RPG for Nintendo's Wii that will be in the vein of Kings Field;

- Fire Emblem: Goddess of Dawn on Wii will come in two parts at the same time, the first being the original GC Fire Emblem, Path of Radiance, whilst the other is the new main game (a tactic done when the first SNES Fire Emblem was released);

- The age-old rumour of NiGHTS appearing on Wii has reared its head once again, making you wonder if this one will ever actually come true;

- Square Enix and Disney Interactive have agreed that the next iteration of the Kingdom Hearts franchise should appear on Nintendo consoles - something that would not be surprising given Disney's committment to Wii and Square Enix's strong relationship with Nintendo;

- Bandai Namco's Sword of Legendia for Wii is set to be the first game in a new spin-off from the 'Tales of' RPGs, the 'Sword of' series.

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ChickeyCantor5234d ago

they say nintendo is kiddie and kiddie games fits with the image.....then where was KH 1 voor the GCN?............

i hope KH is coming to the wii, i really liked the game on PS2.

MySwordIsHeavenly5232d ago

KHIII better be on PS3 too...if that's the one they're talking about. KH is anything but kiddy. The storyline is too deep for children! It's got this "epic" feel to it that older people enjoy so much. Making it a Wii exclusive would ruin my entire perception on Square-Enix. Don't get me wrong...i LOVE the are mini-games. That's all Nintendo seems to be good for right now.

chitown5232d ago

yea kh111 better be on the ps3. it was one of the reasons i bought a ps2. it was one of my most favorite games. sony would have to be complete idiots not to pay money to get this game on the ps3. this rumor is probablt false but i wouldnt be surprised if it was true.
PS KH story is anything but kiddy