50 New Games Join the PlayStation Now Lineup

Sony is announcing a special discount on the 3-Month Subscription (a savings of 33%) that will be available in the U.S. and Canada starting tomorrow and ending July 11, 2016.

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Spurg1797d ago

Jrpg games on psnow are non-existent....its a shame really

andresegr1797d ago

Would you subscribe if there were JRPGs?

Of course not.

Spurg1797d ago

Why wouldn't I???? I did have a sub for a while only to find had played most all the games on it.I would resub if they actually added game people never had a chance to play like Nier, Star ocean and many others. I thought ps3 was jrpg heaven, and yet there are no jrpg to play on psnow.

_-EDMIX-_1797d ago

Depends, some publishers are likely still working out licensing deals, because JRPGs are mostly done by smaller studios, they may not have the funds to work a streaming version of their games.

Who knows.

gangsta_red1797d ago

Good to see a lot more games coming to this service.

EazyC1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

Wow, that's awesome! Did they always do the one-month option? That's a great idea for those who are taking annual leave off work and want to go mental binging on the best of last-gen, as I plan to soon.

Delighted to see Spec Ops: the Line, maybe the best shooter I've played. Not mechanically, of course -- but it's the only time I've played a game and felt shaky after -- just a harrowing story.

Wonder will they be able to cut a deal getting any old CoD games now that XB1 got Black Ops? Would love MW 2 and WaW.

esmittystud1011797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

No Demon Souls still. This is why I hope PS Now fails. B.C. is the way to go.

Spurg1797d ago now was a bad investment by Sony. There is no incentive to sub to them.

_-EDMIX-_1797d ago

Not really. Though admittedly I don't use the service ,but I understand those that do.

If it can work for you and you don't mind playing and finish games often, it very well could be the netflix for gamers.

Its games are its incentive bud. Someone is using this if its still out and about. Though I don't use it like I stated, I can't just trash on those that do. I can see soooooooo many situations were PS Now makes sense.

If you have kids! I mean, you can use it from a TV that supports it, use it from PSTV or a DVD player that supports it or PS3 etc and have your children just playing random games.

You can see what they like without breaking the bank. I don't have to use it to get why it could be useful for some. I fully get and understand why folks use PS Now. A good friend of mine uses, but he also beats games much faster then I, he also introduced me to Gamefly YEARS ago and it was a value to him.

Not so much me lol.

Different strokes for different folks.

WeAreLegion1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

Besides wanting to play games?

no_more_heroes1797d ago

I would consider giving PSNow a try if they add Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix HD.

Brettman20081797d ago

The more people who subscribe to this the more chance of streaming being the only way to game in the future .That would be disastrous.

_-EDMIX-_1797d ago

"The more people who subscribe to this the more chance of streaming being the only way to game in the future"

That is extremely unlikely.

Is Netflix the only way to watch tv?

Is streaming the only way to listen to music?

So why did you think gaming would cut other revenue streams if other mediums haven't? You can still buy a CD you know. Why? Well just because streaming and digital is the norm, doesn't mean no one is buying CDs. Why throw away money? So have LESS options?

If you are a company looking to make money, would you when your competitors have a wealth of options?

If you want to guess where a medium might go, look at other mediums. We don't have any medium currently that only has 1 distribution method.

Film and Music are eons older then gaming and we have MORE options since streaming, not less......

So long as you want to play a game physically on a piece of hardware, a company will always provide an option.

ie supply.....demand. I have no clue why folks keep on with this stupid myth of this streaming take over with literally zero base to back it.

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