10 Console Games That Need Mods Like Fallout 4

Fallout 4 has opened the floodgates, here are some more games on PS4 and Xbox One that could benefit from mods.

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madsenhayes1804d ago

I really hope we start seeing more mods on console games, specifically more Witcher 3 content is always good with me lol. But there's a lot of creativity out there that could go a long way in a few games.

Orejillz1804d ago

Yeah, even if they aren't super huge like those on PC, something to add to the game would be great.

cyril sneer1803d ago

Well the way things are going consoles will have very few mods because they are stealing them and not giving giving credit to the author also harrasing modders to the point modders are now going to start making it so they cannot be used on console because console gamers are being complete dicks.