E3 Predictions – Sony Press Conference (2016)

The Koalition writes: Here are some of our predictions for what Sony will show during the PlayStation E3 2016 Press Conference.

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Romudeth1801d ago

Sony is going to crush the competition once again this year.

SwiffEpics1801d ago

If by competition you mean Xbox One, maybe. But the PC/Windows will be the shinning star this year.

BEASELY1801d ago

I think you're undermining the announcement of Scorpio coupled with an Oculus partnership. As far as games, most likely, but im terms of hardware, MS is gonna come out swinging. Unless Scorpio is a no-show and they just announce Slim.

Rimeskeem1801d ago

And why is it that if MS announces a Scorpio they "win" but if Sony shows the NEO then it's a slap in the face for gamers?

Makes no sense

Eonjay1801d ago

"Considering how Kojima was more or less forbidden from attending E3 last year by Konami, his presence alone will create headlines."

See this is why people hate Konami. Why would you treat your most valued asset like trash? I just don't get it.

freshslicepizza1801d ago

we will never get the full details, i think both sides are to blame.

anyways sony will have a big prescence for psvr with many booths to try it out. gt sport will be the main draw and no mans sky will get psvr support announcement. there will be no word on oculus, sony will strike a deal (timed or full).

kojima will show a teaser of his new game. it will be a psvr smaller title and will be in collaboration with del toro the director. people will pass out like they saw the beatles.

horizon will get a new trailer with the new release date tied in.

sony may show off the ps4 neo with god of war 4.

the new spiderman will be shown, it will look awesome by sucker punch

there will be a new crash game and it will be endorsed by naughty dog but they won't be actually developing it. they will offer support.

naughty dog will show a teaser for the last of us 2.

there will be only one new ip but it will look great.

media molecule shows off their new game with psvr support.

detroit will get new gameplay trailer and a 2017 release date.

the last guardian will ship this year but in japan only first. february 2017 stateside and europe.

sony will talk about sales, thank its fans and leave with a new red dead redemption getting exclsuive content which will be the original remastered included.

Eonjay1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

In no particular order

There is so much VR content that you could have a separate show just about the VR games. Unfortunately, it is really hard to demo, so I don't expect to see a lengthy segment of the conference dedicated to VR. It will be all over the floor though. EA may show their Battlefront VR game.

Neo is really hard to peg but, if they are going to announce it (yes assuming it is real) they will probably do so at E3.
I think IGN confirmed an October release for the last Guardian... don't know if that was Japan only, but I expect it this year.
MM's Dreams sounds like a sure bet at the show. a 3D creation tool in VR just makes sense.

New IP? Well, there is Sony Bend's new game so we already know of one. GoW 4 could be re-branded to a 'New IP' but I wouldn't expect that. Most other new IPs will probably come from VR titles. There will be more than one but one will definitely steal the show.

I would love to see more Detroit, but considering the studio is French, I expect them at PGW again.

I have heard several predictions for TLOU2 but I don't know if I want that or the fabled Savage Starlight. Glad Uncharted is done so they can have that second team work on something new!

Sony wont talk about sales except to say its the fastest selling PlayStation or maybe more Uncharted accolades before they reveal something

Extra: Titanfall 2 will be a Sony's conference. There will exclusive content and the game will still be available first on Xbox One via EA Access, but Respawn needs to win over favor of the PlayStation community for them to really reach their sales potential.

Oh, a easy one: Call of Duty Infinite Warfare will be at Sony's Conference.

SliceOfTruth8881801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

I still dont understand how Sony crushed anything last year. They showed Shenmue 3, but it was a kickstarter. Final Fantasy 7 remake was shown, still not known if its console exclusive. The last Guardian was shown which was great as well but i mean we have been waiting for years already...and other than that they pretty much showed off uncharted. Xbox showed off a bunch of games we got to play in 2015 with hints of the future. I cant deny how excited i am for FF7 remake but it still may be coming to xbox which makes sonys 2015 e3 pretty much meh. With that being said give me a last guardian date already

jb2271801d ago

You completely left out Horizon, the game that took home dozens of Game of Show & Best New IP far as Xbox, yeah they showed off 2015 games, one collection of old games, one timed exclusive, one racing game & one huge franchise title that ended up with the most lackluster campaign in the entire far as hints of the future, you are right there, those hints were nearly non existent. Still haven't seen any gameplay of Recore a few months past when it was initially schedule to release, still haven't seen proper gameplay for Sea of Thieves, still don't even know what it actually is aside from an MMO.

I'm not one of those that think Sony's last E3 was somehow the second coming, I've enjoyed prior ones more & solely based off of what is rumored & teed up for this year, I believe I will enjoy this one more than last years as it may cater to my personal tastes more...but either way, it is in no way a prerequisite for E3, a show meant to be about the future of gaming, to only showcase that year's wares...important thing is that any future titles you are showing actually contain some proper gameplay though, & MS are the kings of the cg announce trailers. MS' E3 last year was fine, but it's hard to invest in a box whose future is uncertain. Seeing those games early kinda illustrates that Sony has no option to close up shop & dry up on the exclusive games front. They could quit making announcements after E3 & we'd still be set up for years with quality exclusives, can't say the same for MS.

MrSec841801d ago

Let's put this into perspective, Microsoft announced Sea of Thieves and ReCore for new games coming to XB1, the former wasn't exclusive, the latter ReCore was shown as a CG teaser.
Backwards Compatibility while interesting, doesn't add fresh new games to the industry, the same can be said of Rare Replay, just a collection of older games.

Sony on the other hand announced a massive new exclusive IP in Horizon Zero Dawn, a genre transcending creative development environment for any kind of digital thing you can imagine in Dreams and the first major AAA VR game for PS VR.
As for The Last Guardian, well many thought it was dead as the Dodo.
So that was 4 AAA PS4 exclusives and all of those were revealed with gameplay running natively on PS4.
Horizon basically stole the show, despite being announced in the mix of everything else Sony brought out.

As with The Last Guardian so many people thought that the Final Fantasy 7 Remake and Shenmue 3 would all never happen and Sony told the world that this wasn't the case at all.
Sony basically told the world of gamers that a vast majority of things they've been wanting to play for years are real and will be in their hands in the future, plus they put some gorgeous icing on top of that with entirely fresh things that appeal to a wide variety of gamers (Dreams alone could have something for any kind of gamer).

Even ignoring Final Fantasy and Shenmue Sony showed off 3 entirely new IPs, which are still exclusive to PS4, TLG may not have been fresh, but it's still yet another exclusive on PS4 and people have been begging for it for years.

By the numbers Sony had way more, even if we ignore the nostalgia, more new games, announced with real gameplay, that wins without a shadow of a doubt.

rbailey1801d ago

Sony will certainly be the must watch conference next week but i'm also intrigued by Microsoft because aside from the consoles, I have no idea what other games they are working on lol