Is Crash Bandicoot Coming to PS4? 10 Reasons to Believe He Is

Push Square: "By our reckoning, the three year Crash Bandicoot conversation is about to come to a conclusion, and this saga can end one of two ways: the iconic PSone protagonist has been broken out of his Activision penitentiary – or, well, he hasn't. Whichever side of the 90s baditude camp you currently reside, there's no question that the classic character has been given more attention than ever over the past few years. But is he really about to make a comeback on PlayStation 4? Here are 10 reasons to suggest that he may be on the brink of a re-reveal."

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naruga1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

it will be a boring E3 if it wont appear , this and the Kojima game....nothing else from the rumored games literally excites me in this E3

kraenk121801d ago

Wayyy too early for Kojima! They probably haven't even left pre-production.

nowitzki20041801d ago

Now this is a series that needs a remaster.

kraenk121801d ago

It needs a proper remake. The game mechanics are hopelessly outdated!

nowitzki20041801d ago

Yeah remake would be a lot better. I have played it recently and gameplay could be better but I still love it the way it is. im afraid they will make it easier for todays "gamers"

andrewsquall1801d ago

And if it isn't Naughty Dog at the helm, please DON'T BOTHER. The announcement of a remake or new game's existence will be utterly pointless without their active involvement. An if ND weren't involved people will be saying Sony instantly won E3 and it will be undeserving on so many levels. It would be a few months later for people to realise it wasn't that big of an announcement.
It would be as significant as a new Halo, Gears, Crackdown or Halo Wars game not being made by the original creators...................... .oh crap, maybe it will be absolutely fine and worth getting completely overexcited for then. :)

ninsigma1801d ago

Considering the people who actually made the original games have left naughty dog at this point, giving it to naughty dog to make would be the exact same as giving it to a different studio. As long as whoever makes it can do it justice, it's all good.

suli123451801d ago

Naughty dog are the number 1 game devs in the world today followed by rockstar games, so obviously they'll do justice to a new crash game

ninsigma1801d ago

I'm not saying they wouldn't. Just that giving it to ND now would be the exact same as giving it to a different studio. The original crash guys are gone. Naughty dog is a very different studio to what it was back then. Just saying that whether it goes to ND or not, as long as whoever it is does it justice it'll be great! It doesn't HAVE to be ND.

Germany71801d ago

We really want Crash Bandicoot back, Sony knows it.

bouzebbal1801d ago

Last year was FF7, this year Crash.
Internet meltdown if true.

-Foxtrot1801d ago

If you can read that and not think he's coming I don't know what to say

If he's not at E3 despite all these hints then I hope people understand why some will be ticked off

If they get Crash all they need then is Spyro

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