Ars Technica PAX08: Guess what? We still aren't impressed by Wii Music

Ars Technica spent some quality time with Wii Music at PAX, getting a chance to play drums with the Wii balance board. For five minutes, it's fun.

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Vicophine3702d ago

That picture = EPIC FAIL >_>;;

VF34EJ253702d ago

Wii Music, AAA++++++++++++++ title.

In reverse world.

ChickeyCantor3702d ago

Come on this game is clearly not aimed at you.
It would be same as bashing Dora because its not made for you.

Max Power3702d ago

i didn't see any kids demoing the game at e3

ChickeyCantor3702d ago (Edited 3702d ago )

Its not aimed at you guys at all,
Every game/software is aimed at a group that might have interest in it anyway.
It's no guitar hero, but its something for those who are looking for more simplicity in music games.

If you read the other preview on N4G you can clearly read that it does have something appealing. Maybe not to you but to others.
To each his own.

Since you guys are all "hardcore" and all should be of hollywood value its a no brainer that he did not designed this for you.
Something is always made with a Target audience in mind.
You can say its for every one simply because its accessible to everyone(hence the simple gameplay). No one said you will like it. They are just hoping that you MIGHT like it.

I'm not getting this myself but before you judge and meteorize it into the ground try it before you pass final judgement.

Not true, since the first footage of Wii-music(back in late 2006)
Some people i knew would love to get the game. They have been playing games for a really long time.
Its not only the casual who will buy it, there are some "core" gamers who have interest in it.
Not every "core" gamer is about Gears of war or RFOM.

Nintendo is after everyone, but even they know not all will like it.
You have your target audience, but saying they are after everyone is true...but even you know thats not possible due difference in taste.

" Since you guys are all "hardcore" and all should be of hollywood value"
I know this sounds contradicting to what i said in my second part but i was just talking about the typical " core " gamer here on n4g

PirateThom3702d ago

Then Nintendo have nothing for anyone but casual gamers in mind.

Sitdown3701d ago

Dora...haha, and Diego is educational...they even teach you spanish. From what was said about Wii would be no different than just waving your hand while your radio is playing....except waving the controller starts music. Now this is the first I have heard about the drums. I do no think this game will sell like wii fit did.....

Is there a breakdown in demographics showing the age of wii users....I feel like Nintendo has captured more of older casual users than little kids....and if that is the case, the older casual gamers might catch on to this game not offering much.

ChickeyCantor3701d ago (Edited 3701d ago )

wether its educational or not, the point is that its not aimed at you.
Dora as our example is aimed at a really younger audience.
We can say everyone can benefit from it because it learns you something but the looks/characters of it clearly shows who the audience is.

Same could be said about Nintendo right? it looks kiddie and all, but since "Mii-s" seem to work for a younger audience as well with the older audience i really don't see why someone older might not get interested in this.

I really have little to no interest in this game, but screaming it sucks and stuff like that makes it clear that it was never meant for you in the first place.
But i can bet on it that even if some play the game that some who hated it might see and understand the appeal to it.
Never judge something till you actually played it.
Miyamoto is behind it not people of Spogs(now that was just downright awful There might be people who actually love that Wii-ware title but really...hell this might make a hypocrite but spogs i don't even wanna try it)

"no different than just waving your hand while your radio is playing."
Thats not the point of this game >_<
You decide when and how the note will be played.
You can just wave your arm like an idiot or actually "play"to the music.

I think people are focussing to much on the "you only wave your arms" but there is more to it.

Edit: and not everything is revealed yet, who knows what game modes will be included. you can't just say its a pointless thing that it not even should be called a game.

edit: you heard about the drums for the first time??
o yeah Dora is educational right?
The drums could actually learn you rhythm XD

(love it how the phantom disagree goes by every comment i make and clicks disagree while he ignores all the others, nice way of showing a discussion.)

Sitdown3701d ago

where they specify who this game is intended for.......until then stop trying to assume the population. After that...we can all go from there.

ChickeyCantor3701d ago (Edited 3701d ago )

Its aimed at everyone thats just obvious.
But you can't expect everyone to love/like it.
If you already hate it then its obviously not meant for you.

I say go read/watch the interview about this software with S.M

"with your family" <--- clearly everyone

All im saying is bashing this is pretty much useless, it just seems so that these "core" gamers are not seeing any "fun" in it.
So its then obviously not aimed at them.
And when i say everyone im talking bout age.

edit: Ah, if you watch the whole interview you can see it was the demand of the developers to have Motion plus =P. Lol

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Reibooi3702d ago

I really don't know what they were thinking with this. It theory it's a awesome concept but then they make it suck by not really making any of the instruments sound like they really sound and on top of that the control isn't really accurate enough to bother with. You know those little toy key boards baby's play with and bang around on that hang tons of sound effects. That's exactly what Wii Music is gonna sound like if not worse.

ChickeyCantor3702d ago (Edited 3702d ago )

those baby keyboards make use of Saw/square/triangle/noise waves.(same thing the NES does)
Even though Wii-music sounds like the standard GS soundbank you hear in Microsoft windows. It will sound better then those "toys".
Don't stretch it =). here they make use of actuall wave samples( like i said just like the GS soundbank heard in Windows when you play a midi file)

A disagree?
People must really make stuff up in order to hate Wii-music. You guys are great.

kenshin22up3702d ago

This cant even be called a game, it's just a thing where you flail your arms for a few minutes and get bored with. There's no incentive to keep playing, a game where you can never lose....? Anyone excited over this probably never played Guitar Hero/rock Band

NanoGeekTech3702d ago


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