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Catalyst's combat stumbles, but the fluid freerunning and enticing open-world challenges overshadow most of its shortcomings.

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Xavior_Reigns1797d ago

Seems like its gonna stay between 5 to 8, so average depending on how you use the scale. I'm just hoping it's preorder PS4 theme becomes available to all... who am I kidding, damn it sony!

gigoran1797d ago

I'm gonna predict kotakus review

"11/10. masterpiece. best game of the century. must buy. the hero is a million times better than any male character." - Patricia Hernandez

Lamboomington1797d ago

Please don't bring any of that here, thanks.

Zorkaz1797d ago

Shame about the combat, but I reckon it'll flow smoother the more skilled you get (also I heard there are plenty of upgrades). Whatever the case, I'll make up my own mind on the 9th. I think people should look less at ratings, and read the reviews a little more. It's just tragic that people can have a look at the number and think 'meh, not worth checking' ...

Salooh1797d ago

Hope they are wrong like most of the time :D.