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The staples of Mirror's Edge remain refreshing, but Catalyst's attempts to keep up with the open-world Joneses don't always jive with its design strengths.

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LucasRuinedChildhood1800d ago

Oh wow. I think this kind of shows that it's not always a good idea to shoehorn open-world into everything. That being said, the traversal (especially with the grappling hook) looks really good. Not enthused by the combat though.

Erik73571800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

I mean from the review its apparently fun to parkour around the city....only bad part is the story really....

But hey we are in a society that only looks at numbers and somehow think that a magical number should make them view art in a different way

LucasRuinedChildhood1800d ago

No. He mentioned additional problems besides the story: he said that the city is bland, that the tasks can become very repetitive, that the graphics are muddled, that there's some weird design decisions (collectibles) and that combat needs work. You have selective memory. If you're implying that I only looked at the number, well, that's just not true.

ginsunuva1800d ago

We get what you're trying to say, but we're not even talking about the score.

I mean clearly the combat sucks.

Plagasx1800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

Wow... seriously disappointing.

nX1800d ago

At this point I've actually expected nothing else from DICE. Apart from the fact that they had to rush out Battlefront last year, most of their staff is probably working full-time on BF1. This is just EA more or less "giving people what they want".

Shubhendu_Singh1800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

What the...poor Mirrors Edge.

I was even surprised EA greenlighted MEdge sequel seeing how the original was so loved but didn't sold that well. Now I can pretty much guess EA would never take a risk like that again, which is such a huge loss for us gamers. I loved original ME, lets see if I like ME:C or not.

@vickers500; I'm picking it too in a sale. But my point was, that this will further discourage EA to let their developers make games they really want to. I'm guessing DICE must have faced a hard time convincing EA top guys for letting them make this.

vickers5001800d ago

I dont care what IGN says, I'm getting it. Most reviews I'm seeing are 7s and 8s, and given that a large portion of "game journalists" are the types to give 8s, 9s and 10s to every cod, I don't really trust their opinions either, most low scores will probably be the result of these people being disappointed there isn't any guns or shooting in the game. Just like the first one.

I played the alpha, it was good. Not cancelling my pre order, and I suggest anyone who liked the first one not let these good scores (7s and 8s are good) affect their decision to purchase it.

annoyedgamer1800d ago

Or maybe EA ruined the game? You really think EA cares about artistic integrity? One look at this sequel and I can see their footprint all over it.

Zorkaz1800d ago

I with you on this one. In fact, although IGN have a point, I think it was important for the game to have an open world. Besides, it's a quasi unique genre, and the closest to first person open world freerunning we have so far is Dying Light (in which the freerunning was honestly quite disappointing). Whatever the case, there's very little they'll be able to do to stop me from loving it ...

georeo1800d ago

"I don't care what ign say's" lol. But, if they had gave it a higher score, you would of been happy! So, just play game's, and stay off a review site, just because your game didn't get outstanding review's.

Salooh1800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

I am expecting 8/10 if it's not challenging. If challenging like the first game than i am sure that it will be 8.5+ for me.

IGN gave the first 7.4 and it was faaar from that score in my experience.

vickers5001800d ago


Actually no, it wouldn't have made a bit of difference whether they gave it an amazing review or not. Truthfully, I didnt read IGNs review, I've actually been staying away from that site all together.

I just figured I'd encourage those who DO care about their reviews to not let this sway their opinion, and to not forget that the first Mirrors Edge had similar review scores. And it's due to the fact that most reviewers simply don't like a game all about parkour with no shooting. There's a lot more reason to not respect IGNs reviews specifically, but I wont go into that here.


They cared enough to keep shooting out of it, I'd say that's a safe enough bet that the artistic integrity has been kept mostly intact.

This game would never have received 9s and 10s, the gameplay is a tad to niche for that to happen, especially in an industry where if you have a first person game, people are going to expect pew pew, bang bang.

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Erik73571800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

Stop looking at numbers dude, like this is what is ruining gaming are these stupid scores.

Play the game and enjoy it!
Don't listen to what some guy has to say for it, especially ign!

Naughty_Cloud1800d ago

People listen to sites like IGN, because they are on a tight budget, and want to know if its money well spent. A little research goes a long way. But if u are fan of a particular franchise, then that's a different matter.

Relientk771800d ago

Well guess I'm waiting for it to get cheaper, just like the first game

WellyUK1800d ago

Just as mediocre as the first game then.

Sunny_D1800d ago

That's kind of harsh. The first game was fun and had a lot of potential. I'm assuming DICE went in another direction for the sequel.

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