Elite Dangerous Engineers Feature Removed After AI Harrasses Players

Frontier Developments has Elite Dangerous Engineers feature removed after AI develops super-weapons and mercilessly harasses players.

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nowitzki20041799d ago

"The Elite Dangerous Engineers feature removed was responsible for unusually aggressive AI behavior that disrupted normal gameplay as NPCs developed super weapons and started hunting down players."

LMAO.. AI is like "Git Gud"

gangsta_red1799d ago

"Elite Dangerous Engineers feature removed after AI"

Just what do you think you're doing, Dave?

Lastlivingsoul1799d ago

With the No Man's Sky delay, now would be a perfect time to release ED on PS4. Just sayin'.

Mirdus1799d ago

They lost the opportunity of an enemy that would have needed players to co-operate. Turn this AI into an ED version of Reapers from Mass Effect. And give it objective of galaxy wide annihilation unless stopped by massive player fleets.

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