Customer service stories (Comcast,Sony,Microsoft)

Mike Antonucci of the San Jose Mercury News describes his recent customer service interactions on his company blog. He contacted Comcast and Sony about a problem with a PS3, and Microsoft for another unspecified issue. With Microsoft, after a lot of time on hold, he got stuck listening to someone with limited English skills perform an unhelpful script. Comcast and Sony yielded better results, clearing up his issue...

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big_tim5247d ago (Edited 5247d ago )

Those stories that were posted to this article were crazy. I have dealt with MS twice with no problems. They replaced my 360 twice. Both times I talked to someone who spoke good English and was very helpful. One was a lady and she recognized the music from animal crossing that my wife was playing in the background. We started talking about a GC game while troubleshooting the 360. I thought that was very ironic. So, I have no complaints about their customer service.

BIadestarX5247d ago

Ok, so Sony cannot win the console war by going head to head about games, graphics and online services. So, they are going by bringing news like this one. How many news articles about people predicting that the PS3 will beat the 360 (even if the market is showing otherwise). And now... Sony's customer service is better? Duhh... I'm sure with the number of consoles sony has in the market it should easier to handle that. Also, here is a tip for some of you ignorants; the quality of service you get when you call customer service depends on you. If you are rude when you call any company they will make you wait longer, get frustrated, transfer you to another person and not help you.

DreDawgg065247d ago

This is dumb, he admits that Sony could have been a isolated incident. Why doesn't he say that maybe this bad Microsoft experience could have been isolated also. You don't just try once and publish a story about it. Thats just retarded journalism.

TheXgamerLive5247d ago

Your dry for anything good about sony huh?

PS360PCROCKS5247d ago

comcast is always english, microsoft has always been the same for like the 10 times in my life i have contacted them, and sony never contacted them so this is weird

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