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Gamereactor writes: "All in all, we'd say that Mirror's Edge Catalyst is a prettier version of the original. Despite a few new abilities, everything else remains pretty much the same. The controls and core mechanics are still entertaining to play around with, and finding faster ways to get from A to B is fun for hours. Getting to create, share and play your own creations with other players is a nice inclusion, and improves the overall package. Unfortunately DICE hasn't made many more noteworthy improvements during these past eight years. The story is still lacklustre, and the gameplay gets repetitive quite quickly. Running around in the sterile and monotonous environments will give you a feeling of déjà vu within hours, no matter how many acrobatic moves you perform. To keep it short; if you loved the original and just want more of the same, this will definitely keep you entertained. If you're looking to explore new areas and fresh mechanics, we advise caution before taking a leap of faith."

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