Watch Dogs 2 “Hello World” Trailer Teases June 8th Reveal

EB: Ubisoft has released a teaser trailer for the full reveal of Watch Dogs 2, which is set to kick off on June 8th.

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Shubhendu_Singh1800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

In terms of teasers, that was a really really bad one.
Excited to see the full reveal though, and inevitable down...

Erik73571800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )


FlameBaitGod1800d ago

Bro... those where in game graphics, fking insane.

/s :D!

OldGuyStillGaming1800d ago

Looks almost like cel-shaded graphics

subtenko1800d ago

Not really, they dont wanna give hardly anything away from an official "here it is" but they show a little clip to say "here it comes" teaser

-Foxtrot1800d ago

Lets announce everything before E3 ¬¬

Seriously they better have changed the look of that hipster looking douche bag if they want people to actually like one of their main characters. Instead of fixing Aiden they threw him away

Thatguy-3101800d ago

Exactly and they fail to realize that appearance and characterization are two different things. This new character just seems as a generic represention of what corporate people think of as being "hip". They need to know how to make characters that have depth and personality.

C-H-E-F1800d ago

How did you get all of this information about this new character from a hand and a phone? Did I miss the part when we heard his voice/saw his animations etc? Sheeesh... harsh much?

souldestroyer141799d ago

There was a leak/rumor not too long ago of an image of the new protagonist

Thatguy-3101799d ago

All you have to look at is taking ubisoft and know how it'll be a generic protagonist.

The 10th Rider1800d ago

As far as announcing things before E3, companies have been doing that more and more in the past few years. Rather than every announcement taking place during their conferences, many projects are revealed weeks or months ahead of time. There's really only a few surprise announcements each E3 nowadays.

jb2271799d ago

I only just now picked up the first one && I'm fairly deep into act 1 but I've gotta say, Aiden is already beyond fixing. I usually don't subscribe to character criticisms, people hated Delsin Rowe in Infamous & I thought he was serviceable, not amazing but not immersion breaking either....critics are dead on about Aiden && his entire storyline though. Dude turned in the most boring VO work I've heard in recent memory for a mainline game, and he was so uninteresting he couldn't even get his own wife & son to be killed off, he had to borrow his sister's.

Aiden is a vacant black hole at best & an insufferable knob job at worst. Ubisoft needs to get rid of him entirely, there is nothing of substance there for me yet.

The game also needs to work towards more worthwhile side missions & character progression, nothing on earth could get me to try out those racing missions with those wonky driving controls. There is a kernel of a cool concept in here so far, but they really need to throw everything else out and start from scratch in order to take the series anywhere interesting.

Kalebninja1800d ago

Excited to see what this new protagonist is all about, Aiden was truly boring so I hope this is a turn around.

And what the hell is up today, we keep getting announcements and trailers, save the meat for the conference.

Erik73571800d ago

this looks cliche and lame as fck lmao

RB2011221800d ago

You got that from a 32 sec teaser?

Forn1800d ago (Edited 1799d ago )


I would say it's a possibility.

DeadlyOreo1800d ago

Lol. Making conclusions from teaser trailers is a new low.

C-H-E-F1800d ago

Cliche? lOl wow, can we actually see the game first?

starchild1798d ago

You guys have to understand, some of these people already have their minds made up. There's literally nothing Ubisoft could show that would keep these people from bashing the game. It could honestly be one of the best games of the year and have incredible graphics and these people would still be claiming it sucks and the graphics are terrible.

They want to hate it, that's all.

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Ceaser98573611799d ago

during E3 we gonna get a cinematic world wide premiere along with a gameplay...

JoeDG1800d ago

After the very boring first one no interest from my side...

LucasRuinedChildhood1800d ago

This could have a LOT of potential. If they improve the driving, world, variety, story, etc they could have a really good game. It could be the AC1->AC2, FC2->FC3 improvement a lot if us are hoping for. The teaser itself is terrible, but whatever. Bring on the actual reveal.

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