Dead Rising 4 Poster and Gameplay Images Leaked, Might be a Remake of Dead Rising 1

Charlie Oakley writes:
Two days ago we reported that Dead Rising 4 is in development at Capcom Vancouver and may, or may not, have an exclusivity deal and that Dead Rising 4 will indeed feature at this year’s E3 and will “make fans of the series happy”. Today, we can update that with images that were sent to us that might give us our first look at Dead Rising 4.


We've updated the article with information we received that the game will be a Windows 10 store exclusive and the State of Decay sequel is also expected to be shown off at E3 2016.

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Abash1797d ago

Awesome, I love Dead Rising so I can't wait for DR4. Insiders confirmed this is real and it is being funded by Microsoft, so it will be on Xbox One/PC only

BigBosss1797d ago

Noooo, I wanted to get this game for the PS4 :(

YinYangGaming1797d ago

Apparently Microsoft 100% funded the project, which basically rules out a PS4 version. I imagine it'll release simultaneously on X1 and Windows 10 PC though

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_-EDMIX-_1797d ago

Me too, but based on Capcom's current situation, I'm happy we are getting it period. At least someone gets to enjoy that series lol.

I'll likely pick it up on PC if it looks good. I haven't been into the series in a while. Might replay 1 and 2 and maybe I'll be hype for 4.

Might get 3 to see if I even care for the series anymore.

Also to note, Not all games can just afford to be multiplatform. Capcom likely had very little choices so I feel, even with PS4's install base, this is a good move for Capcom.

MS likely payed more because of them having less leverage then Sony so Capcom is still sorta doing fine with this deal.

Hope they can get things back together as I'd be sad to see this company go out of business, but all personal wants aside, I'd rather they do smaller projects on 1 or 2 platforms even if it means doing a deal, then going 3 or 4 platforms and risking the whole company.

Before folks get mad that this is a XONE, PC title, consider we could also be seeing the last DR if it didn't perform well on ALL platforms. I really, really feel this is for the best and maybe they should continue to scale back until they get better footing.

Why spend money like EA during development on many platforms when you are not getting EA sales? I feel that YOLONESS last gen is what caused Capcom to even suffer so much losses. Maybe a more stable, healthy and sound Capcom is best for all gamers.

Better to hope for a port for this on PS4, then get it on PS4 day 1, possibly fail and Capcom go out of business.

I feel this is for the best.

_-EDMIX-_1797d ago

@ying- doesn't.

MS didn't buy Capcom or the Dead Rising IP so I don't see that actually being the case.

If anything, we are likely not seeing Dead Rising 3 come over due to Capcom's troubles as of late.

As of right now, Sony, Nintendo and MS have funded some Capcom projects....


So consider they didn't even have the fundings for ports of games that were not even exclusive... Sony had to fund them. That alone tells me that Capcom may not have the funds for such ports.

MS owns nothing of the IP to suggest they can do that..

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Silly gameAr1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

Xbox one is 299 man. Might be time to jump on board if you want to play the game that bad.

GameNameFame1797d ago

Capable PC is pretty easy to build/upgrade.

Especially now with new AMD card coming out.

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Herbalistic1797d ago

I'm not surprised being as Capcom doesn't have the funds to throw towards Dead Rising.

TheCommentator1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

Surprise! Another remake.

All I've got to say is that if I hear Otis yell at me one more time for not answering my phone when I enter a food court full of zombies, I'll feed him to them.

1796d ago
DarkZane1797d ago

@Abash no insider claimed this. Pretty sure Capcom have no incentive to accept money from MS anyway because they can make more by making it multiplatform,

vallencer1797d ago

Yeah but if Microsoft 100% funds a game you aren't losing anything. On top of that dead Rising, regardless if it's multiplatform or not, wasn't that big of a seller in the first place. Doubt they'd really make a lot off of it

ZeroX98761797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

maybe, but we didn't get Dead Rising 3 on PS4, so My hopes for the next iteration hitting PS4 is low. Not that I don't care about it, but I never followed the series too much, so I'm a bit indifferent about it not being on PS4. I could always play it on my PC if I wanted to.

Still, nice to see that Microsoft's still putting some great effort to support the X1. PS4 owners got SF5, X1 DR4, sounds fair.

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sammarshall1021797d ago

Dead Rising 3 sold pretty good

My Xbox One is ready!

1797d ago
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Pierston1797d ago

Yeah, the rumors starting popping up and there was a leak so it would make sense.

iTechHeads1797d ago

As far as I can recall these games have always been Xbox only so it's not really surprising.
I don't think the Windows 10 version will make up the sales of a potential PS4 version though.

Microsoft is funding it so I guess they don't really care.

Sunny_D1797d ago

What this shows me is that Capcom are barely performing above water. It seems they have to rely on the console makers to fund their games when before they used to do it on their own. Not looking good for the company. Also, I wonder if they will ask Sony to fund the next DMC game for PS4 then?

Valenka1797d ago

The article says it's a Windows 10 store exclusive; doesn't that make it PC only? Unless you're able to purchase Xbox One games from the Windows 10 store.

1797d ago
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Thatguy-3101797d ago

So is this the third party game that it's going to be a remake? Lol things should start leaking out since we're closer to e3

Summons751797d ago

Yeah, thinking it's time to media blackout mode so the E3 press conferences aren't ruined. Pre-E3 is the worst time with all the leaks.

YinYangGaming1797d ago

Yes, that is Frank West! Insiders also confirming the leak as we speak, so excited for this!

rmw2hot871797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

Looks like it's official. I'm a huge fan of the dead rising franchise & glad to see Frank West back. It's also good to see that Microsoft is publishing it like they did DR3.

Movefasta19931797d ago

Hopefully,it's a good pc port this time.