Left 4 Dead to be Cut Scene Free

Kotaku writes:
"Left 4 Dead is very much a zombie apocalypse game, you'll find no deeper meaning here, no Romero-esque political message.

The game opens on the game's four characters at ground zero two weeks after the rise of the zombies. Left 4 Dead will have a short introduction, created by the team behind the Team Fortress 2 cut-scenes, but that will be the only cut scene gamers will see in Left 4 Dead."

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LastDance3728d ago (Edited 3728d ago )

"Left 4 Dead is very much a zombie apocalypse game, you'll find no deeper meaning here, no Romero-esque political message"

lol....mindless gameplay. Only on xbox right.

TheMART3728d ago Show
TrooGamer3728d ago (Edited 3728d ago )

Well if you feel that way can you say why 360 fans keeps itching for the game to be ported?

Disagrees...i guess 360 fans dont want it on there system anymore, how times change lol

felidae3728d ago (Edited 3728d ago )

don't talk trash about MGS4 - it's one of the best games ever created with at least 12 - 15 hours of gameplay. the cutscenes are more entertaining than in any game you've ever played before plus the story is 100% intriguing. you can play the game a hundred times and it can be always different. the textures are the best ever seen on a console and the music and sound are breathtaking. when you sneak around the battlefield the atmosphere feels like you're in a real war movie.

i feel sorry for you - you will never play one of the greatest games of all time. this is a game like Ocarina of Time or Mario 64. Groundbreaking!!!


edit: and you would love Metal Gear Online

yesah3728d ago cutscenes help make a game.

kevanio093727d ago

It was near perfect and didn't need cutscenes. Although MGS4 was perfect in the way the stolen earth was a perfect doctor who episode ( made for fans) cut scenes are not the only way to advance the story.

Dark General3727d ago

I agree that they aren't the only way. But they are the most effective in my opinion. I played Half Life 2 and Portal and another game who's name escapes my mind that did all the "storytelling" in game. You know what, it didn't work that good. Besides maybe Portal which was still light on story and needed a voice actress for Chell. Though i do like what Dues Ex did with story telling by having conversations with people, reading books and hacking computers you figure out more and more.

yaboi3727d ago

just running around killing zombies thats it
wow what a great game

RebornSpy3727d ago

Half-Life series (also made by Valve) has an amazing story, but no cutscenes. So cutscenes do not equal great game.

The game will be awesome.

zagibu3727d ago

Cutscenes are ok in games you have no direct control over one single character (like strategy or party-rpgs). But in ego-shooters and the like, they create an unnecessary detachement from your alter ego, and that's usually not good. Half-life is a good example for games (largely) without cutscenes, but it suffered from frequent loading-screens, which were even worse in terms of "flow"-breaking.

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pp3728d ago

Only possible on xbox360 i'm looking forward to blasting zombies(ps3 droids)

Grassroots3728d ago

Looking forward to this game.

Shadow Man3728d ago

Xbox360 gets gameplay while PS3 gets video play (MGS4,Heavy Rain)

PS:Heavy Rain looks awesome though.

krakdol3728d ago

X360 gets nothing actually, except flops like Too Human.

PS3 is where the games are, and that's why the dying console is the 360.

TheMART3728d ago

Krakdol aka NASIM

Actually it seems Ninja Gaiden 2 is a pretty solid game on a 8.2 average. At least if you find GT5P with a 8 out of 10 good, or Heavenly Sword with a 8.1.

The real games are still on the 360, while the PS3 only has one game on or over 9 out of 10 average. Oh wait I should call that a BluRay movie actually.

SixTwoTwo3728d ago (Edited 3727d ago )

stop being a f*cking fanboy and just enjoy the games

Laexerias3727d ago

You know what? You are a f*cking retard! No.. wait, stop! Sorry.. im so sorry!
I just forgot that... GT5 Prologue isnt even finished, and wait! Ninja Gaiden and GT5 Prologue.. they both are Action Games! No wait! Yes! They are racing games! Oh my god, how could i forget something like that.. ! Thats why you are completely right! .. No Seriously, you are the dumbest piece of sh!t ever got born in this world.
You compare games, which doesnt even got the same Genre, and feel great cause of 0,1 point? ... Seriously. That is just poor. i mean.. you are the most poor xbot ever. Hrm. Hell yeah i bet my 4ss you will make such comparisons with the following Console Exclusives:

Resistance - 9.1
White Knight Story - 9.6
Gran Turismo 5 - 9.7
Heavy Rain - 10
God Of War 3 - 10
Motorstorm 2 - 8.9
Wardevil - 8.8
Infamous - 9.2
Gears of War 2 - 9.7
Fable 2 - 9.2
Banjo Kazooie - 8.1

(im acting like the_mart right now, okay?)

hrm, i think i overdid it.

IzKyD13313727d ago

Mart's retaliation to everything is accusing the person of being nasim

caffman3727d ago

nasim ALWAYS says x360 in his posts without fail. He has a very distinctive writing style as well

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IzKyD13313728d ago

well, I never expected story to be big in this game

IaMs123727d ago

ya i agree the story never compelled me to want it, its like Counter Strike, make your own story up lol, it shows that it does not need a story to have a great game and well valve is good at what they do

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