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Mirror's Edge Catalyst review – Despite taking place in a beautiful city and having a wonderful sense of movement, Catalyst struggles with a poorly developed story, horrible combat and stunting its own sense of momentum too often to create an overall enjoyable sequel that fans have desperately been waiting for.

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Deadpooled1800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

Wow mixed reviews (doubled some scores to keep consistent denominator)

Hardcore gamer - 7/10
Nerd Much - 7.5/10
Examiner - 10/10
Paul Semel - 7.5/10
Godisageek - 8/10
Twinfinite - 6/10

and now this 5/10.

Seems like a Marmite 'Love it or not' kind of game

blackblades1800d ago

Trusted reviews my butt, I'll try it for myself. If liked the 1st one I'll like this one.

Yui_Suzumiya1799d ago

Hated Origins but loved II and Inquisition

_LarZen_1800d ago

From what I have watched if gameplay it looks extremely boring and not the next step that probably most hoped they would take the game.

Meltic1799d ago

Played the game for about 5 hours. Dont trust these Reviews. Play it for ur self. The city is Beautiful.