Mirror's Edge Catalyst Review: EA DICE's sequel suffers from a case of the Ubisofts | IBT UK

EA DICE's cult classic gets a refreshed follow-up, with Fatih's free-running action now taking place in an open world setting.

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Aloy-Boyfriend1800d ago

And they say...

Open world design makes games much better

KyRo1799d ago

I personally can't stand them. yes they are nice to see the first couple of hours but when youve past the same shops/building/monuments I get bored. It also brings with it lazy game design. The main campaign might be okay but then the map is littered with sh*tty fetch quests/go here/hunt for this package... (Basically most Ubisoft games these days, MGSV was/is probably going to be my biggest let down of the gen because of this lazy design)

Give a semi linear game all day where I progress through areas, exploring new things constantly. Uncharted 4 gave us a linear game with vast open areas to go about the game the way you wanted.