Mirror's Edge Catalyst (PS4) Review - Push Square

Push Square: "With the addition of an open world, Mirror's Edge Catalyst successfully builds upon the fun, free running gameplay of the original to deliver exhilarating, high-altitude action. It's perplexing that, while demonstrating a clear understanding of what the first game did so well, this reboot still forces you – albeit relatively infrequently – into unsatisfying combat. Like Faith herself, this release is at its best when it's on the run, and while the combat, story, and characters do cause it to stumble occasionally, it never actually falls."

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SniperControl1803d ago

Sat on 72% on meta and dropping, i knew this would score poorly, ea have a habit of turning good ip's into 5h1t, i'll wait till this hits bargin bin price in the pre-owned section before i jump.