Resistance 2 Collector's Edition Sales Soar

In less than 24 hours, Resistance 2 Collector's Edition has become the biggest videogame sales mover at despite its hefty $80 price tag.

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Carbide73701d ago

Hahahahaha,gears of who?

Dmack793700d ago

I hope you are refering to yourself. Or do I need to remind you that Resistance will 8 player online co-op! 60 player online battles! 2 seperate campaigns! HUGE BOSS battles! A killer story along with gamplay that is actually fun!

That's something that your precious gears 1.5 could never pull off, let alone any 360 game!

AllroundGamer3700d ago

Laugh now (playing xbox360), cry later (seeing red) =)

LarVanian3700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

Well here you can laugh now at this

And then you can cry later once you have actually played Gears 2 (Basically an expansion pack for the first game)

juuken3700d ago

Guys, leave Jenzo alone!

I say we donate a PS3 to him so he can see the power of brand loyalty and quality! :D

InMyOpinion3700d ago

Do I have to remind you that no exclusive PS3 game has ever won any important GOTY awards or sold over 4 million copies?

It's funny how all you can do is try to insult me by namecalling.

juuken3700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

And Jenzo...if you're referring to Halo...then that is the most overhyped crap I have ever seen in my entire life.

I would rather have quality than to worry about which game won awards and so forth. I'm sure that soon from now, a couple of PS3 games will win GOTY.

robbo9183700d ago

Do YOU need to be reminded that 2007 was basically the first year for PS3 to compete for a GOTY against MS's 2nd year titles? Do you also need to be reminded that 2008 hasn't been decided yet? Do you also need to be reminded that MS has proven that they buy anything they can't create, invent, or get on their own (including reviews)? Move on, your act is really tired.

Shane Kim3700d ago

MGS4 to be GOTY. Either that or LBP. Everyone allready understood that GTA4 was overhyped, and if the media isn't biased as they always are, they too will understand that games like Gears of Whores are more of an expansion pack than a game.

Lost_My_600_Dollar3700d ago

Of course , they will be more satisfied after watching behind the scene footage IN HD

InMyOpinion3700d ago

It's all 'will do this' 'will do that' with you guys.

Just you wait - proud sponsor of the PS3 fanboys since 2006.

Cartesian3D3700d ago

you are a Hardcore 360 fan, I saw you comments, you always defend 360 titles with intelligent comments, or say their problems even they are 360 exclusives...

but this :"Do I have to remind you that no exclusive PS3 game has ever won any important GOTY awards or sold over 4 million copies?"

its a stupid comment in every aspect, why?

because :

1-in November 2006 PS3 released, which console in history have GOTY title in just few months?

2- in 2007 COD4 won GOTY almost everywhere, even in 360 titles(IGN for example) , and BIOSHOCK isnt 360 exclusive , it was on PC in the same time.. and PS3 user will have it with extra features very soon.
and about HALO3, needless to say its a LAST gen game with new features for HALO fans who already playing COD4..

3- selling 4 million units? SONY have many titles that are so much bigger than HALO in term of quality and production value, but they havent released them yet, and MGS4 the first MEGA-HIT ps3 exclusive sold very well(over 3 million)..

but you think Gears of war can sell like this without MICROSOFT advertising? I saw Gears of war sale numbers even in PC HARDWARE site), on TVs, on every NEWS site... it was funny because only HALO and Gears had this kind of HUGE advertising support in history of gaming..

so dont say BS when you are angry..wait and see sale numbers this Xmas.. cant wait :)

InMyOpinion3700d ago

What will your excuse be this year then? "The PS3 has only been out for 2 years. It's not fair...."?

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Bombibomb3701d ago (Edited 3701d ago )

I've already got my copy pre-ordered and every PS3 owner should do the same. Support Insomniac, guys. They bring us one new AAA exclusive every year.

Dmack793700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

Insomniac are one of the most consistent devs out there. Releasing AAA titles every year! Resistance is gonnA AmAzing!

Ben10543700d ago

"despite its hefty $80 price tag. "
thats the normall price of ps3 games here in the uk, if not less

chasuk083700d ago

Yeh i wonder if uk will get it for this price ??? I doubt it. It will most likely be £60, or we might not get it all. But yeh i wont be buying it. Its too expensive.

Ben10543700d ago

it will probably be 60 because the normal edition is going to be 40 or 50 depending what shop you go to. (sorry the pound sign doesn't work)
Or we might not get it at all.

HB-Sauce3700d ago

I have the first one, and I'm about 90% sure I'm gonna pick it up but I'm done with preordering games.

Overr8ed3700d ago

80$ for what Sony and IG is giving for this game isnt Hefty.

SaiyanFury3700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

I love Insomniac and every game they produce, but I'm not preordering a game from Amazon again. I preordered Crisis Core for the PSP where it was supposed to come with the Shinra UMD case and when my copy of the game showed up, no Shinra case. AND I had to wait like an extra week to play the game while they shipped it to me. No thanks, I'd rather just go buy whatever edition of whatever game from the store. I don't trust Amazon to keep to their preorder bonuses anymore. At least not where I want to play a game really bad and I have to wait while someone ships it to me while I watch people online playing it. I'd rather go and get it myself.

yaboi3700d ago

one for me
and the other 2 for christmas presents

GametimeUK3700d ago

will make this roar sound like a fart

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Omega43701d ago

Why is Amazon rated so highly for sales figures, i mean Halo 3 has never left the top 75 on the overall charts since it was released.....a year ago, its even ahead of R2 as well but does that really mean its still selling like crazy?

VF34EJ253700d ago

I agree.

But it seems to be the only real-time source people refer to when talking about sales. Gives you an idea of what's "hot" or not.

But I think the point your making is like if there's only 10 copies of "This Game" then they sell 5 of those, it's an amazing 50% increase! Then we'll see on N4G "This game had a 50% increase on amazon!!! Amazing!"

shazam3700d ago

omega why are you still allowed in the gamer zone? there's nothing too wrong with this post in particular but 99% of your other posts are crap.

Mr PS33701d ago

Resistance 2 dont need no Stupid Pop Gun Replica to help it Sell !!!
The Quality of the Game Sells First