There’s a Huge Third Party Exclusive Remake Coming to Xbox One and Windows 10 Funded by Microsoft

Today, we bring you another leak that there’s a huge third party exclusive remake set to be revealed at E3 for Xbox One and Windows 10 that’s being funded by Microsoft...

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YinYangGaming1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

Apparently the game will include 4-player co-op and is a full budget AAA remake

Nyxus1801d ago

Is Lost Planet really considered huge? I thought the series wasn't that popular.

Anyway, exciting news!

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naruga1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

L4D or Lost Planet ...Lost Planet for me is an excellent game ..although it had also very big appealing in Japan (with PS3) ..i doubt Capcom will just waste it as exclusive...probably is L4D

darthv721801d ago

XB1 getting a remake of a 3rd party game, PS4 getting a remake of FFXII... the trend just keeps on rolling into the 3rd year for both. In all my years I can't think of any previous generation where remakes have been such a big thing.

That is just a generalization of the number of remakes/remasters/reboots in the 8th gen in relation to all previous gens. It really shows there is a market for older games if redone with better programming and $$.

Wallstreet371801d ago

Is it "Lost Planet"? that isnt huge at all and i enjoyed 2 but didn even buy three. Well lets see (if it is) what they do with it. The ip def. has potential.

AngelicIceDiamond1801d ago

"Anyway, exciting news!"

It would be if this was next week. Every single year parts of MS conference gets leaked and surprise gets ruined. MS has had great E3's lately, but stuff always gets leaked a week before the show leaving less to the imagination and surprises. MS needs to tightly plug up their conference this is getting out of hand.

Concertoine1801d ago

Only Lost Planet 2 had 4 player co-op. That series has been dead ever since 3 though, i doubt MS would bother with it.

I mean this could be a game that didn't originally have 4 player co-op... or it could be, ya know, BS,

Femto1801d ago

it's definitely NOT left 4 dead. out of the question.

_-EDMIX-_1800d ago

God no, I couldn't say all that.

Kingthrash3601800d ago

Lol so we ask for games and the big news is you bought another 3rd party game, cept its a remake of an old game we played phil isnt doing nothing for the xboxone....I'm saying man this is dumb. Why spend money on ols shit phil?? Why tho? Make a new exclusive game bro stop making the Xbox one a box that plays my old games. Damm man how is this huge.

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Null19801801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

These guys obviously didn't see your other article with leaked photos! It's Dead Rising 4, set in a Christmas setting of the original Dead Rising. Or so it seems. :)

edit-I'm not upset if it's not coming to PS4. Been thinking of upgrading my graphics card on my PC.

Concertoine1801d ago

Oh man, dead rising at christmas time with 4 player co-op sounds fun.

_-EDMIX-_1800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

Agreed. So long as its still coming to PC, no biggie. Capcom needs the funding so can't blame them.

Edit- GTX 1080 or RX 480? Neither?

UltraNova1800d ago

Edmix & Otter

He should wait for AMD's Vega or the 1080Ti, and forget about the half a**ed money grab called 1080.

Regarding the 480 vs 1080, is there anything to consider apart from the elephant in the room, namely the 400 dollar price difference? He can buy 2x 480's and match the 1080 for less money(granted Xfire and multi-GPU support in general is not great).

My advise when it comes to GPU upgrading is to embrace the art of 'patience'. We know more powerful cards are coming within mere months, some will be cheaper than the 1080 and possibly more powerful (Vega).

As for those who are looking at the 480 and their budget is 200 bucks max, I say go for it I cant see any other product matching the 480's price-to-performance ratio any time soon.

Null19801800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

@Edmix Hey man, how's it going?

To both of you - yea, I don't have a top of the line PC. It's decent in the processing, a quadcore i7, only 8gb of ram. I bought it a few years ago. I do a lot of digital illustration type work for a living (you can check out some of my work in my Bio), but not so much in stuff that required a hefty graphics card. I would need to upgrade the ram. But yea, the Rx 480 sounds like a good budget entry into being able to play Microsoft's exclusives. I'd like to save some money for games. It may not futureproof me for all 4k and VR games, but it will be enough to be at console level. I'll think of whole new rig in the next couple years, so don't want to put too much money into it.

I usually don't like to game on my PC since I always sit at it for work, but I may rig it to the TV.

Thanks for the feedback Ultranova,

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XanderZane1801d ago

Might be Left 4 D3ad. I could see this coming to XB1 & PC with cross play. That would be awesome. It wouldn't be Lost Planet. Capcom doesn't like making XB1 games anymore it seems. Plus the last two Lost Planet games were terrible.

FlyingFoxy1800d ago

Left 4 Dead is awesome, i hope a new game is coming soon regardless if it's to do with being exclusive or not. There's a lot more they can still do with that series.

Lennoxb631800d ago

Any game with crosshairs is not going to be cross play enabled. It wouldn't be fair to console gamers. Why do you think they won't allow Gears UE to have cross play? Cross buy is more likely.

_-EDMIX-_1800d ago

L4D remake is extremely unlikely.

Dragonking0071801d ago

They said remake, that game doesnt need any remake still holds up even for todays standards. Most likely something older

WellyUK1801d ago

a lot of down votes but he could be right as Red Dead has the zombie DLC Undead Nightmare so it's not entirely out of the question.

jb2271800d ago

What in that rumor even insinuates RDR? Just the "frightening" bit? Even if you were hanging on that tiny obscure thread, why would anyone tease the dlc & not the actual game itself?

Even beyond that, what about "4 player co op" insinuates RDR in any way? RDR had an online component, but 4 player co op makes absolutely no sense within it.

It's obviously either Left 4 Dead or Dead Rising 4. L4D most fitting considering the 4 player co op, and Dead Rising 4 because it's already been leaked & they may be leaning into that 4th installment tag with inserted co op.

WellyUK1800d ago

1 Dead rising isn't a huge third party game and 2 Valve don't really like Microsoft. You could do cp-op missions on red dead, I'm not saying it is that but it's not like it can't be that. Rockstar more likely of accepting a few million from MS than Valve are.

jb2271800d ago

Well "huge" is obviously relative in this instance, this is coming from ThisGenGaming after all...sure, you could do 4 player co op I guess, but RDR was all about posses & clans that were larger than that, so I'm not sure why they would effectively downgrade their own game for a new gen remake. Aside from that, this says that the game is fully funded by MS, so it would literally have to be a full scale remake over an actual remaster, the latter of which being far more likely if the rumor was even true in the first place. At this point, MS would have to pay an astronomical sum in order to tie up a Rockstar studio for what essentially amounts to a new version of an old game, a game which already has a true sequel in the works. There's just next to zero chance of this happening.

I agree that it probably isn't L4D, but Valve also hated Sony at one point and they got over that so it's not absolutely out of question even if it is extremely unlikely.

Either way, it seems like it's just been confirmed (as confirmed as rumors can be I suppose) that the 4 player co op game in question is indeed Dead Rising 4, set during Christmas time, hence the "weather outside is frightening" line. May not be "huge" by your standards or by mine, but it has a decent following & most of that following are on Xbox, so it's a good get for them, but not really all that appealing on the outset for me. Hopefully they blow everyone away though, I'm still looking for that undeniable exclusive for the XBO to push me into getting one.

WrestlingNewsFan1801d ago

Very exciting news. Can't wait to find out what it is!

Manic20141801d ago

The clue the insider dropped - “It’s a great game to play for when the weather outside is frightful.”

I wonder what it could be....

dcbronco1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

Then it has to be Lost Planet or Amped. That game had tons of snow. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

Null19801801d ago

See my above post. It's Dead Rising in a Christmas setting. Confirmed. :)

Deadpooled1800d ago

Dead rising 4. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snoooooooow!

Movefasta19931801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

so microsoft helped fund a valve game?WHy lol valve doesn't need them.L4D is huge on steam.It has to be something else.
Valve doesn't need Microsoft.Derp.Capcom though, i can see someone like them who would need the funding.

KwietStorm_BLM1801d ago

So they could keep it exclusive. Derp.

1800d ago
-Foxtrot1801d ago way in hells chance Valve would allow it to go as an exclusive

Plus not like Valve need help funding anything

Lost Planet...has to be, Capcoms needed help before

ziggurcat1801d ago

considering it was never on PS3, i don't see how it wouldn't still remain exclusive to an MS platform.

Kingdomcome2471800d ago

Left 4 Dead has always been exclusive... so there goes Valve not letting their games go exclusive.

-Foxtrot1800d ago

Times have changed, Valve had a problem with the PS3....they got over it.

Now we have the PS4, they can develop for both...easily

_-EDMIX-_1800d ago

or Dead Rising as the leaks for 4 show its in a winter setting.

_-EDMIX-_1800d ago

@King- "Left 4 Dead has always been exclusive... so there goes Valve not letting their games go exclusive"

That was by default bud and L4D has NEVER been exclusive to any 1 platform, has a PC version. Sony and Valve worked out their issues when Portal 2 released in 2011 and CSGO in 2012.

L4D2 released in 2010.

That is like saying Condemned is an "exclusive" thus the 3rd Condemned or a remake of Condemned 1 won't release on PS4, yet disregard Condemned 2 released on both.

WHY L4D1 and 2 were not on PS3 was already resolved with the team and Sony, thus....we got Portal 2 and CSGO, thus...I don't see a 3rd game or a remake or anything like that being ONLY on XONE.

IT was NEVER on 360 ONLY for some reason outside of PS3's technical issues as it was still released on BOTH 360 and PC.

So I'm not entirely sure how you came to that conclusion considering how that situation was resolved.

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XanderZane1801d ago

That's where I'm placing my bet. Left 4 Dead games were all great. Lost Planet last two games sucked. Why would M$ waste their time with that franchise? Capcom didn't even want to bring SV5 to XB1, so why would they want to work with M$ now? Even though there are rumors of a Dead Rising 4 coming. I hope it's not that game either.

Khaotic1800d ago

Didn't want to bring SF5 to Xbox. No they were paid not to. That happens when developers go broke

Sharky2311800d ago

Why would valve make anything exclusive to Microsoft when they have steam!?!?!

cyphertech1800d ago

Yes, Valve is going to make a game windows 10 and xbox one exclusive. There will be a left 4 dead game not available on steam. =/

1800d ago
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