Digital Foundry vs Fallout 4 mods on Xbox One

Fallout 4 now has user-made mods on Xbox One - and PS4 is to follow later this month. We look at what's on offer right now, and how it affects the game's visuals and performance.

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Sonyslave31797d ago

These guyz are bias I like how they say Xbox one suffer from the fog area when it was the ps4 that had they problem.

Wallstreet371796d ago

Yeah they are so bias when they tried their hardest this gen to minimize the big difference in power and multiplats between ps4 and Xbone and saying bs like "although the ps4 version has higher resolution and more stable frame rate but maybe youd like to stick to the xbone version due to your friends" and then they would end their analysis giving a "slight" edge to PS4 version lol Last gen they would never say some %hit like that and last gen the difference in multiplats were even less profound yet they would scream out from high heavens how the ps3 version had maybe 3 less fps and one missing piece of grass lol and Xbox version was the better version.

Trust me you got the bias all wrong.

Ysmir67231797d ago

Terrible view distance.

MCTJim1796d ago

These look pretty cool for first attempts. Performance is not really impacted either which is a good thing. I wanna try a few of these.

cfc831796d ago

Mods are alright. To me there's a few that i'd keep, such as removing lens flare. I like having loads of craft items, and i suppose new radio stations are ok. To be honest though, the mods i like are the ones that should have been in the game anyway.

1796d ago
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