Our favourite Overwatch characters so far

GodisaGeek: "These are our favs so far - make sure you tell us which ones you love (and hate)."

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Spurg1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

Zenyatta and Pharah are my favorite characters.
I currently have 50 hrs and 3-2hrs with all character apart from Torbjorn. Torbjorn is an op character and abilities take no skill. Some people playTorbjorn almost all the time, out of 50hrs they have 45hrs dedicated to him. If you have a character that really dominates your playtime then you aren't playing overwatch the right way.

BEASELY1801d ago

Not true, there's value in mastering/maining a character. It's good to have a nice grip on around 5-6 characters spread across different categories, but any more than that is excessive.

The people that only use combat characters are the ones that should be getting flak.

Spurg1801d ago

If you are talking mastering about Torbjorn then no...he takes no mastering just knowledge of placing his op turrets. The combat chatacter take skill to use such as Genji, tracer and Zarya. Some of them have next to no health and they they the ones that you can master. But What I was trying to imply was, the situation of the match will require you to change characters you dont usually use

DeadlyOreo1801d ago

Torbjorn is so broken. Trying to attack a zone against a team that includes more than one Torbjorn is near impossible, Blizzard have to nerf the damage those turrets do.

I myself love playing as Mcree, Lucio and Roadhog. So much fun with those guys.

Sonital1801d ago

They've got a Torbjorn? Play junkrat. I've had no issues dealing with him.

BEASELY1801d ago

Never once used Torbjorn, Bastion, or Symmetra in my entire life. And that's what I'm saying, have 5-6 characters to cycle between. Zarya is a tank, btw.