Is Episodic Gaming Already Starting to Suck?

Getting lost in Morocco isn't as fun as it sounds.

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CoNn3r_B1799d ago

I've never seen it as a good idea when I get a game I want to play all of it from the get-go instead of a small chunk with a promise of more to come.

GryestOfBluSkies1799d ago

my problem with episodic games is that there seems to be no set release days for new episodes. if they came out once every other week, i think it would be great. but waiting a month or more (looking at you, telltale) is terrible.

Servbot411799d ago

Yeah, after playing the first episode of Life is Strange, I decided to just up and wait for the entire thing to release. Lo and behold it took like a year; I would have been pissed had I tried to remember each intricate plot point between each release and it would have soured my experience with the game entirely. Episodic needs to go.

theshredded1799d ago

Only works with narrative focused stuff

Servbot411799d ago

I'd say it works less with narrative-focus stuff, actually. If most episodic developers had a decent release schedule of -at most- every two weeks, it could work. But they never do. Trying to remember intricate details of a narrative-driven game when every episode release is over a month apart is not good story-telling and furthermore, not very fun.

Scatpants1799d ago

Starting to? Hasn't it always?

Double_O_Revan1799d ago

Exactly. Why dont we ask Half Life fans what they think of Episodic Gaming?

BrianOBlivion1799d ago

Exactly. It started to suck the instant we had to begin waiting to continue to play.

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The story is too old to be commented.