All Signs Point to a Clueless Nintendo

Production delays, VR integration, and a huge reduction in perceived demand. We're not sure if any of it is true, but if it is, we'll be very worried.

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superchiller1794d ago

It really seems like Nintendo is kind of lost right now. I wasn't a fan of Iwata and the direction that he took the company, but at least he seemed to have a clear vision of where they were going, even if that vision was ultimately a disappointment. As for now, they don't seem to know what they are doing.

Lonnie181793d ago

Nintendo think they are being smart to stay silent but it's actually the opposite!

KentBenMei1793d ago

Nintendo has been clueless since the N64, they just coasted by until they carpet bombed their fans with the trash known as Wii and Wii U. They need a return to their SNES days, something we probably won't see.

wonderfulmonkeyman1793d ago

A bunch of rumors now count as "signs", huh?
Anything for a bashing article.*eye roll*

tweet751792d ago (Edited 1792d ago )

if you think about Nintendo innovated the most 25 plus years ago. All their greatest ips originated on the NES. Really Nintendo has just been surviving on those glories all these years.