Horizon Zero Dawn release date announced & new trailer debuts

By: Hermen Hulst:
We’ve been quiet in recent months, but rest assured that development on Horizon Zero Dawn is still going full steam ahead! In fact, I’m excited to be able to break the silence today with a brand-new trailer focusing on our lead character, Aloy. We’re exploring the mysteries of her origin, her journey as an outcast and the events that set her on a dangerous quest.

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xHeavYx1797d ago

I saw this coming, but they can take as much time as they need, the game looks amazing.

Bansai1797d ago

Not really surprised, I even remember getting ton of dislikes for commenting there's little chance for this to come out in 2016.

Abash1797d ago

The game looks insane and the story has me hooked now with that trailer. If it makes the game live up to everything it's looking to be then I am perfectly fine with the delay

naruga1797d ago

so much wasted potential to make a good real-dinosaurs (prehistoric creatures whatever) game ...somthing is missing for me with these robotic enemies ...although i m awaiting to see and play the final product

freshslicepizza1797d ago

i said this months ago and people disagreed with me. sony has become way too predictable with its heavy hitters and relying on third party to carry them through the holidays. gt sport will come however in order to push psvr. now we will see the same pattern again at e3, show games way too early with release window dates they know they won't actually hit.

Aloy-Boyfriend1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

The best Lineup in History did nothing for MS as many expected. Sony will still release games of their own in the Holidays whether established IPs or new AAAs. I'm glad I don't have to wait for the holidays to play big games.

Also there's the maintream games releasing in the holidays that exclusives always struggle to compete. Sales wise it's smart for Sony. For us it may and may not. We got U4 and it is amazing. In the holidays they should have great conten. And if not, then 3rd party games will be then

Forn1797d ago

This looks absolutely incredible. I'm stunned. Sony is killing it with these amazing games.

freshslicepizza1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

"The best Lineup in History did nothing for MS as many expected."

meaning what, that sony can just keep delaying projects because they can?

"Sony will still release games of their own in the Holidays whether established IPs or new AAAs."

what aaa games are confirmed now for this holiday besides gt sport which could also get delayed?

"I'm glad I don't have to wait for the holidays to play big games"

well if you owned more than one platform you wouldn't have any worries at all would you and no need to play console wars. forza didn't come out in the holidays last year and quantum break came out this year. nintendo also released games outside of the holidays but this is the perfect response sony wants from their loyal fans, to deflect.


i'm here because this game looks incredible, i am not knocking the game at all. it is one of the best upcming games imo but i can still be critical of sony's predictable playbook.

DeadlyOreo1797d ago Show
jb2271797d ago


"what aaa games are confirmed now for this holiday besides gt sport which could also get delayed?"

As of now, TLG is a lock, coming on the heels of NMS & among all of the big third party games.

I'm not sure why it really matters either way, there are games to be played w/ or w/o Horizon during the holiday. I mean, I agree that the frequency of delays are definitely disappointing, and Sony is the main offender, but I also see Sony games that are delayed typically release as pretty flawless experiences, & undeniable classics in some instances. I'd personally rather have an amazing game that kept me waiting than a barebones, buggy or underwhelming one that shipped right on time. Horizon should be great regardless of when it ships, & Ill just be playing NMS, TLG, Mafia 3 & whatever else tickles my fancy until then.

DragonKnight1797d ago

Wow, another instance where I agree with moldybread. What the hell is going on?

One thing I'd change is that Sony is relying more on indies than anything else. They are complacent again.

nix1797d ago

Here it is... Even before the E3 begins.

The trailer is amazing. At least we now know the story. Noticed that it got pushed to 2017. I'm a bit sad though but it'll at least come out polished as UC4.

Utalkin2me1797d ago


Here you are again in another Sony article spouting drivel, that not only shows how bad it hurts your feelings that Sony is knocking AAA exclusives out of the park. That on a constant basis have to come into articles and try to downplay.

You regurgitate the same stuff so much. Not only does it seem you believe yourself, it really makes yourself look pretty dumb.

AngelicIceDiamond1797d ago

March has been a great month for release dates, March is a reasonable time for the especially for a new Ip.

Kingthrash3601797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

Lol xbox fans are so funny.
So hype about updates..hell even a new console after 3 years is great for wow but no games to be heard of for xbox...just nothing. But as soon as a great looking and interesting new ip comes along. ..I've seen it with bloodborne, the order, the last gurdian and this game...nothing but fuckin hate...the same dudes, Moldy bread I'm looking at you....septic too... come to bash playstation games and protect games like qb...smh man come play on both sides bros...and start complaining about scorpio, it's bs to have a new console being talked about already when the Xboxone hasn't even grown always takes 2 or 3 years to see the true potential of a system...hell tlou too 10 years...look at uncharted 1 then look at tlou and see how much a system can grow. Look at halo2 then look at halo grow over time but you think it's ok for a whole new system to come so soon lol...then bash the ps4 games for being so awsome and active. Man I'm just tried of it. This game looks awsome if a delay is what it need then by all means go for it..don't rush it or you'll end up qb with no cover system or reload animations and it's a a 3rd person cover hip hip fire wtf.
"Could have been a real dinosaur game" why? So you can say how much it copies farcy primal?? Smh

S2Killinit1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

Oh moldybread
Just be quiet please. You lack the slightest credibility, your comments are tired and predictable just like your name suggests.

OT: game is looking extra special. Im glad the story seems to be deeper than i originally anticipated.

Muzikguy1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

Is @moldybread talking about deflection? Excuse me.....

Whew! That's better. Seriously, like the MS camp doesn't use deflection whenever they can 😏️. I'm cool with whenever this game comes out. Personally I was beginning to think too many games were shooting for the end of this year. There's still plenty to play. Although I do agree with others that it's easy to tell when delays will come.

Kleptic1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )


You were in another thread earlier discussing how 'gamers' take the time to experience the story of a title, and that 'people that play games' do not...and are now going on about how bad the updated consoles are going to be...

First tlou did not take '10 years'...when making an argument on one's credibility, it is advisable to use credibility within your own post. I'm not defending moldy bread; you guys seem to see his posts often or something, I have no idea who he is or where his opinions fall...but anyone acting like it's 'normal' for a generation of gaming to take 3 to 4 years to finally start showcasing some incredible part of the problem. Tlou was a swan song for the END of the PS3 (which, by the way, isn't even quite 10 years old yet, and tlou will be 3 years old within days)...which came after 2 full studio backed Uncharted games that set standards, and one that was off'd to a different internal team that was almost as impressive as Uncharted 2. Like it or not, uncharted 4 is the very first game of this entire generation that remotely compares to what the PS3 era was like...and it didn't take anywhere near this long for it to start happening back then.

second...updated consoles are needed and necessary this time around...the PS4 has been monumentally more successful since release than the PS3...but, imo, that has a lot more to do with the lack of a wii than because its setting generational standards on its own. The PS4 is a popular choice for a market that reincorporated 10's of millions of casual people that bought a wii last gen instead of a ps3 or 360...hardware wise, the PS4 was a mid range laptop in 2013, and is horrendously outpaced in today's hardware landscape. That is NOTHING like the PS3...the PS3, at release, had technology that you couldn't purchase on any platform yet. The gpu was better than nvidia's flagship card for the year, and it took 10 months before a better option was available to the PC market, all at a time when Vista pretty much put PC gaming underground for half a decade. The PS4, and especially the XBO, were dated when announced, let alone now...

so anyway...knock it off with these console updates being 'bad' for gaming...they're incredibly plenty of people are going to be thrilled when their 'neo' runs horizon at a rock solid 1080/60fps, like this gen should've been since 2013...the irony, to me, is that the PS3 actually did last 10 years as promised...because current console gaming still annoys some of us with its constant compromises just to get to freaking Full HD...

TwoForce1797d ago

@DragonKnight Do you really hate indie game that much ? What a selfish !

nX1797d ago

This looks insane, like "I'll show this to my non-gaming friends"-insane. It also looks pretty polished already, they might even have delayed it to not compete with Uncharted 4 for GOTY. Anyway, games like these are exactly why I like Sony so much, can't wait to see what's coming next week.

Also seeing moldybreads comments makes me regret that the bubble system has been removed. People like him shouldn't be allowed to spew their bullshit in every article.

Aloy-Boyfriend1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

They are Complacent by not releasing games that aren't finished...

Lol makes sense.
We still don't know what Sony has for the Holidays. Keep dropping the ball as always Internet.

remixx1161797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

1st party

The last guardian, gt sport, gravity rush 2, dreams.

2nd party and/or 3rd party exclusive

No man's sky, world's of final fantasy, king of fighters 14, personal 5.

Off the top of my head. There you go moldy you bias negative ass.

Muzikguy1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )


I don't really agree with anything you just said, but I'd like to point out that Wii customers didn't just flock to the PS4. Are you trying to say that the 80 million previous Sony players didn't buy into the new system? I'd wager that most Wii customers don't even "game" and therefore didn't buy into this generation at all

DarXyde1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )


Sony releasing heavy hitters after the holiday season is actually a pretty great mercy for their third party partners. Horizon could probably sell on apparent production values and trailers alone. I think their approach by giving breathing room is actually reasonable and courteous. Also gives their first party titles breathing room to shine. It's pretty mutually beneficial.

As for AAA games, apparently The Last Guardian, Persona 5, and Gran Turismo Sport aren't worth much in your eyes.

DragonKnight1796d ago

@Twoforce: "...what a selfish."

What a selfish what? You didn't finish the sentence.

And as to the matter of whether or not I hate indie games. The answer is no, I don't hate indie games. I find the vast majority of indie games to be either completely valueless, or just an endless rehash of the same games over and over and over. I own about 5 or 6 indie games on my PS4, they are the only games of any worth at all.

Child of Light, which is really just a more artistic version of Grandia.
Valiant Hearts, which has no replay value.
Resogun. Pretty colors.
Rogue Legacy. Fun for awhile, then repetitive.
Axiom Verge. Literally the best indie game out right now.

I've heard Shovel Knight is good, so I suppose I could add that to the list one day

Sony's indie push is purely done out of laziness. Sony have become arrogant and complacent in their lead. When they aren't letting third party devs carry the PS4 through the gen (and to anyone that disagrees, try and count the number of first party exclusives on both hands, you won't pass the first hand. And don't bother bringing up Microsoft's offerings because that's just a deflection), they are delaying games, announcing games way too early, or letting indies carry the PS4.

These are facts. They are not opinion. You can watch every single conference the PS4 has ever been part of since launch to see that this is true.

Add in the B.S. version of backwards compatibility with the PS2 they added.
Add in frickin' Neo.
Add in the fact that their games on the digital score, games that launched with the damn console, are still FULL PRICE nearly 3 years later.

You can keep finding ways in which Sony are clearly arrogant, clearly showing that they know they don't have to do anything to remain ahead because of this sickeningly blind defense force they've built up.

And finally, all gamers are selfish. Don't pretend you're not.

UltraNova1796d ago

WOW this trailer convinced me. Day 1(I buy 1 or two games day 1 every year, max!). It looks absolutely gorgeous and it seems Guerrilla has up-ed their story/character development a couple notches as well.

As for the delay, I don't even care since I'll be playing DS3's DLC and TLG during the holidays until death!

joab7771796d ago

I dunno who it is but someone is making a game with dinosaurs, maybe Crytek. Anyway, I'm sure the mechanical dinosaurs are essential to the story. I'm guessing that AI took over somehow.

Kleptic1796d ago


I was in no way saying that the PS4's success is attributed only to Wii owners buying PS4's...I'm saying the market is very different than it was last generation because there is no 'wii'. Not the wii specifically; but a cheap alternative that does something gimmicky that millions of people latch on to briefly. The Wii was a wrench in the industry that no one saw coming...The PS4 is laughing to the bank not just because 'its so awesome'...but also because any notion of competition surrounding it basically handed them the ball. MS spent the first half of this decade seemingly digging a grave for the xbox division, and Nintendo was just as surprised about the wii's success as everyone else...and had no idea what to do with it.

Dyldog691796d ago

I made the same claim about UC4 before the 2014 delay and got dislikes as well with people claiming "that naughty dog would never lie to them". What an ignoramus.

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Gazondaily1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

Ah damn. It's a shame but to be expected based on earlier rumours.

Ah well its not that big a delay I guess.

Edit- the game looks incredible

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IamTylerDurden11796d ago

It's not at all a shame. Was it a shame that Uncharted 4 was delayed? I think it was worth it and the sheer size, scope, and ambition of Horizon is impressive. It's a grand open world game with visuals comparable to Uncharted, and a seemingly deep and meaningful story. The amount of work this game requires must be daunting. Sony has a chance to spawn their next great franchise with Horizon Zero Dawn, to rush it out the door would be idiotic. If it's ok for CDPR to take their time to ensure greatness, then why not Sony?

nowitzki20041796d ago

Septic... Come on man.. Are you that dumb? you are not new to n4g, I think 95% of N4G user base knows how you are. Ur own fault like someone stated before me.

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migh_and_highty1797d ago

Is it just me or do you reckon Sony are just trying their best not to release a game like this and uncharted in november/december? They've seemed to had a lot of success releasing in the middle of the year with TLOU, U4 and some other titles. Instead they can use holidays to push ps4 sales over their own game titles, which is smart

0ROSOY1797d ago

You forgot infamous and bloodborne

callahan091797d ago

Frankly, releasing in the early to spring part of a year is better because the fall/holiday season is always totally loaded up with games anyway. Why compete against all the heavy hitter multiplatform games that come out every holiday season when you can bring your masterpieces out in the spring and be the toast of the season with nothing else nearly as noteworthy coming out? It worked for Bloodborne last year, Uncharted this year, and if this lives up to that freaking awesome trailer, then this game next year.

never4get1797d ago Show
ShadowKnight1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

What's really hilarious is that all the gamers thats trolling Sony got an inappropriate warning lol

The bubble system still kind of works on here. You are still limited to comments and the more you are marked the less you can comment. I just notice it a few days ago. It just don't let you know how many bubbles you have.

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Aloy-Boyfriend1797d ago

Let them have all the time they need. It's their new IP in years and a very ambitious one.

Sad because i'm so hyped for this game, and this kickass trailer makes the wait even harder, but please take your time with this game

The 10th Rider1797d ago

Watch it secretly be set thousands of years after Killzone, on earth.

Ron_Danger1797d ago

@the 10th

Part of me thinks this. When I saw the original trailer for Horizon, I thought the one huge destroyed city looked like the city in Shadowfall.

Sharky2311796d ago

It's kinda like quantum break on Xbox! It took that game 3 years to come out and while it might be a great game it got mixed reviews! We seen horizon 1 year ago and in 6-7 more months we'll be playing it!

hulk_bash19871797d ago

Was expecting a late 2016/early 2017 release anyways. They can take as long as they need to make this game the best game they can. Looks sooooo good so far, GG has shown what they are capable of when they are given free reigns to do what they want. Cant wait.

magiciandude1797d ago

With the Neo coming out, they'll need more time. This isn't unexpected at all.

Gol3m1797d ago

Would you xbox fanboys stop with this constant neo crap. Like I've said if it was releasing this year there'd be pre-orders available already. Go chat in an xbox article or go play on the highway for the sake of everyone. You don't have a ps4 you never will so stop with all the concern trolling

TwoForce1797d ago

@magiciandude You are very annoying, aren't you ?

Germany71797d ago

Hi magiciandude, how are you buddy?
We know that you are a MS fanboy and we also know the lack of xbox exclusives, but could you please change your avatar? It shows how bad is the situation for the xbox players, they don't have many exclusive characters left so they need to use Sony mascots, lol.

Take care, bro.

lelo2play1797d ago

I agree. Graphics look great and story looks interesting.
It will get released by the same time as PS4 Neo.

Genuine-User1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

February 2017 is a minor delay. And that trailer, o my God! I am excited to get my hands on this :D

Edit: Moldy, give it a rest.

1797d ago
MRMagoo1231797d ago


the game was due most probably in the holidays so that a couple months delay not 11.

Thatguy-3101797d ago

The game and the narrative look to be on a whole new level for them. Quick question. Does anyone see this taking place in the Killzone universe on earth? The high tech that they've showed so far kinda resembles it.

DafunkyRebel1797d ago

People are exaggerate on the release, I bet you it was only two or three months delay and the original release was like December or late Nov so its really nothing to worry about

XanderZane1797d ago

Damn, 2017?!??!? The game does look amazing, but so did Killzone:SF when it was first shown too. I'm hoping it plays as good as it looks. I do like the story though. It's like they took Turok and spun it to the next level. I was hoping to play this game this year, but like with most of PS4 big games, you got to wait (and wait). Still waiting for Shenmue 3, FFVII remake, The Last Guardian, RIME, No Man's Sky (delayed again), GT7, etc, etc... I wish they would announce big games when they only have 6-8 months left to develop.

OB1Biker1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

Bloodborne was the perfect example. Released only 9 months after E3 reveal. What happened though is you could see leaked footage of it long before the reveal and that screwed up what would have been an incredible surprise. Imagine horizon revealed only this year at E3. No way it would have been as awesome a reveal as it was last year and even if the artwork was leaked anyway.
All I mean is the pressure is there while games can't be kept under wraps much longer and when everyone knows about, what the hell, just reveal it.
Anyway I like to know what's going on instead of being kept in the dark like a kid
For that matter it s not PS4 games but the same goes for all platforms in even worse actually
Anyway it really doesn't bother me in the least if it's released a few months later.

Dark_Knightmare21797d ago

Well considering Sony is only responsible for one of those games that being last guardian which is coming this fall take your "concern" and direct it towards the other publishers and developers of those games you named

_-EDMIX-_1797d ago

". I wish they would announce big games when they only have 6-8 months left to develop." Oh so you wish they would risk multimillion projects on short windows of marketing to make you feel better?


Some companies can do that and that is fine, but it isn't a 1 size fits all. No Man Sky is made by a small team, who was going to fund those YEARS of SILENT development?

They are marketing early NOT just for fans, but for also investors. Sorry but it just doesn't work that way for all games.

@OB1B- 'Bloodborne was the perfect example. Released only 9 months" Bloodborne is also part of an existing concept..... Its easier for them to convey what it actually is.

Horizion Zero Dawn is not only a new IP, its a new concept, they want time to market for a while, taht is their choice. I see no reason for them tor risk lost sales because you can't wait for a release.

People buy games to play, not based on WHEN they release.

Sound pretty immature and just out right ignorant.

Deadpooled1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

Yep amazing. Some parts of the trailer reminded me of Uncharted in dialogue and that chase scene to shoot the robot dinosaurs (a compliment, Sony's developers obviously help each other out to make the greater goal the PS4 a success), but wow this is definitely day 1. Hoping for a collectors edition statue of one of the robot dinosaurs.

stuna11797d ago

People fail to realize every time a highly anticipated game of Sonys gets pushed back 1) It usually ends up exceeding most who have waited for it expectations! 2) It fills a opening in Sonys already consistantly growing library of games that may not at the time had a specific game slated for release! 3) It gives other developers with games an opportunity to fill those gaps possibility ahead of their time planned internally, especially Independent developers.

Either way for me the game is as good as brought for me personally. It's not like this is the last or only game I'm planning on purchasing this year! I applaud them taking their time to deliver a masterpiece.

seanpitt231796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

9 more months is ridiculous why do Devs show there game off so early! Devs need to do what Bethesda did with fallout 4 not say anything for years and then announce when it is ready then release it that year so they don't have to keep delaying it and letting the fans down all the time.

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guywazeldatatt1797d ago

one of my most anticipated e3 games.

Deadpooled1797d ago

When that Guerilla logo appeared in the trailer it felt nostalgic, so much hype

guywazeldatatt1797d ago

I met one of the devs at GDC. They couldn't say anything but this is the one game that may make my PS4 worth owning if I'm just frank. Zero Time Dilemma is one of those under-the-radar titles that I cannot wait to see. It's going to be an amazing E3 this year.

migh_and_highty1797d ago

Delayed :'(

But I kinda expected since almost every major sony first party ps4 game has had a delay (infamous, driveclub, unch4x5)
Luckily each of the above have also been pretty high quality upon their release, so gotta take the bad with the good.

Can't wait!

TwoForce1797d ago

Well, if you looked at UC 4 delay, then you know the game delivered a Quality. For me, that's call " a good delay ". A bad delay game like Mighty No 9 and other Ubisoft titles.

Deadpooled1797d ago

'A rushed game is forever bad, a delayed game is eventually good'

jb2271797d ago Show
Gol3m1797d ago Show
P_Bomb1797d ago Show
IamTylerDurden11796d ago

I believe they ramped up the budget and scale after seeing the incredible response Horizon Zero Dawn received. Like NMS the delay is a good thing bc we are going to get a better overall game in the end.

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Sunny_D1797d ago

Yeah, I just got super hyped for this game now. I really want to play it now! Oh well, if the end product like U4 comes out looking amazing then that's all that matters.

Muzikguy1797d ago

Definitely. I haven't had any issue with Sony delays this gen so far. The delays turned out perfect in making the games that much better. It's not that big of a delay either which is great. I hope the game delivers, but I'm keeping my hype level down. Just as a general rule 😊️

DanielEndurance1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

And... Delayed. The flyers in Uncharted 4 were just lies. :(

xHeavYx1797d ago

Don't believe everything you read in a flier.