Is Telltale The Goonies on the Way? | Nerd Much?

Could this be a sign that The Goonies is Telltales next game?

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guywazeldatatt1801d ago

I love Telltale, cannot wait to see what they have to show at E3.

Kalebninja1801d ago

Ooo that would be cool as hell.

porkChop1801d ago

Ok, let's just think about this. Why would there be a Nintendo logo on a Telltale game? I know the author doesn't think this has to do with the old Goonies games that were on Nintendo, but it has to be. Why would he also have a screenshot of the old games there too?

itemdrop1800d ago

the nes goonies game is below the goonies sign. I dont think there making a goonies game although that would be cool

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