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"As ever, the main event is the single story mission, which should take even experienced players a couple of hours, given the inevitable failures and trial-and-error you get now and again. There’s fewer opportunities, but they are all really fun, such as posing as a propaganda printer or bringing both targets together underground to quickly assassinate both of them. As ever, replay value is excellent, but even once you’re done with the mission there are more escalation contracts, and another environment to make your own contracts in. To me, all of this is filler, but the main levels have consistently been excellent, and make them worth the sticker price. The theme here, whilst darker, feels like a 90’s spy thriller, making you just like you’re part of the excellent BBC series just past, The Night Manager"

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guywazeldatatt1794d ago

I like Hitman but this was my least favorite episode. A good series so far though; I was skeptical.