No place for death threats for No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky, the ambitious galaxy exploration game developed by Hello Games, has been delayed. It was originally planned to release in June this year but was pushed back to August, most likely for the sake of polish and bug fixes. Delaying a game is a common practice that’s been done countless times, and it makes a lot of sense considering how ambitious the project is. Making literally an entire galaxy’s worth of content is a large undertaking for any studio. While the community by and large understood Hello Games’ stance, there were a select few who are “passionate” and dumb enough to send death threats to the director of the game Sean Murray.

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Gh05t1794d ago

Theres no place for beating dead horses... Who are you really trying to convince here? The ones who know better don't do this crap and the ones who don't aren't going to be persuaded by some way late articles.

jessionpc1794d ago

Yea, people utter threats every day.

This guy gets 1 or 2, wow.

How many did Kishimoto get when he trolled 2+ million fans of Naruto?...

I bet thousands.

JackBNimble1794d ago

Why are we even talking about this again ?

Just some random idiot trolls doing what trolls do best. Besides , what's a couple of month delay , many games get delayed up to a year or even more. People bitch about broken games that are released to early but the then bitch when they get delayed .

More devs should really be doing the samething instead of rushing it out the door broken and relying on a later patch to fix it.

Wyld-Woo1794d ago

Took giant balls to delay the game IMO and has made me respect Hello even more. As I always say - it's ready when it's ready. Hello games would have racked it in this June with just a few releases to complete with.

1794d ago
OB1Biker1794d ago

'it's ready when it's ready'
Very well said. One of the best comments I've seen today. Unfortunately many on the Internet don't get it and react like spoiled kids.

Clown_Syndr0me1794d ago

Forgot about this game, just like most people will a week or two after release.
Happens with so many games these days, hype hype hype and then forgotten.

Goldby1794d ago

Except this isnt a rehashed CoD, or Division.

it takes between 40-100 hours to get to the center of the galaxy depending on your inital location and how fast you travel. on top of that, almost all games now a days are the same weather you play it week one or a year later. this game is different for each and every single one of us. aint going a way anytime soon.

JackBNimble1794d ago

No one said you have to buy it , it may not be your cup of tea, but there are many more who will enjoy this game.
Games are subjective , you don't have to like a game just because others do ,some call this personal taste .

Day one buy for me .

BEASELY1794d ago

One of the worst N4G article titles I've ever seen. Two no's and two for's? C'mon...

Discobastrd1794d ago

Rarely do commercial creative endeavours get given the luxury of pushing launch dates back. I hope this approach filters through to other industries instead of hard deadlines being dictated to by poor decision making and economic factors.

Personally, I'm hugely looking forward to this game but i also have my concerns about its ability to deliver. Fingers are crossed...

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