PS4 Exclusive Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age Will Be Playable at E3 2016

After this morning’s announcement of Final Fantasy XII‘s HD Remaster The  Zodiac Age from the Japanese arm of Square Enix, the North American counterpart of the publisher sent in a follow-up press release confirming a western release for the game with a 2017 time frame and announcing that the game will be playable at E3.

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Majin-vegeta1352d ago

Wait its PS4 exclusive or thats all of what we know do far?

Abriael1352d ago

The press release mentions Only PS4, so at the moment is PS4 exclusive.

Sunny_D1351d ago

Honestly, for a game like this, do you think the fanbase would be on any other console? Lol Also, when I say any other console, I don't mean the 2 fans that would buy this.

guywazeldatatt1352d ago

excited to check this out! square seems to have some cool stuff.

phantomexe1351d ago

I guess this is cool but why 12. It's really not that good but it is better then 13.

1351d ago
jambola1351d ago

Well it is the 10 year anniversary