The online Resident Evil that nobody played

In its 20th anniversary year, PSU takes a look at one of the games in the series that deserved much more credit.

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Timesplitter141796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

Outbreak was by far my favorite RE game. I wish RE7 would follow a similar formula

I could totally see a game where you play with other AI characters and go through the entire story with them, seeing who gets killed and who survives. Every playthrough would be different. It would have that highly-entertaining "The Walking Dead" aspect where you need to manage your interactions with other humans, but without the scripted/dialogue aspect. It worked really well in Outbreak. The other characters would have random personalities. Some of them would be cooperative, and some could try to kill you when the opportunity comes

The game could even take inspiration from Dark Souls's atypical online system. Maybe at the start of each new area (or checkpoint), you could be automatically paired with 3 other random players and try to get through the area. In each area there would be limited items that not every player can get, just to stir things up a little bit

It's definitely a risky concept, and one that is difficult to pull off well, but I'd love to see it happen

PurpHerbison1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

Surprised there was no mention of the fan revival project.

TheROsingleB1796d ago

Yea, Outbreak was cool and they should take another crack at it! Great game back when almost no one had internet hooked up to their PS2s.
MGS3 online was super-fun too.

Timesplitter141796d ago

I remember the last day of MGO (before servers got closed) when everyone was saluting each-other instead of fighting. Great times