Silent Hills Is An Ongoing Saga Of Let-Downs And Frustration

When the spiritual successor to a cancelled game then gets cancelled itself, you know the video game Gods must be mocking us.

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xMANB3ARP1G1801d ago

its odd as when this was in kickstarter i wanted to back it and remember thinking this game isnt gonna live upto it. flash forward to now and its just another reminder of go ahead support kickstarted games by buying them after release. i know sad but all the kickstarter games i have looked at that didnt come out before about mid last year have been let downs or cancelled sorry im generalizing but i would genuinely love to know some good newer kickstarted games as i dont keep up to much with kickstarter anymore not like i used to but after watching so many projects i want get cancelled or release in underwhelming states its hard for me to want to contribute to a kickstarter. Some of the games kickstarter has brought have been so damn good FTL was so much damn fun.