Three Fresh Ways to Continue The Witcher Franchise, Now the ‘Wild Hunt’ Has Ended

Geralt's hanging up his gauntlets, but that doesn't mean that the events of 'The Witcher 3' shouldn't inspire some very different games.

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jessionpc1795d ago

Jesus christ wtf is with this milking for all time shit going on this last decade?... Like, it's always happened, but it feels like EVERY big title has to have 6 games in a row now...

Witcher came, and went. Just let it go ffs.

CDPR should focus on NEW ip's and new stories, and not milk a story to death. Nobody should have to live to see another COD again.

quent1795d ago

great games take time, any game in development that's not worked on for at least 2 years can be considered an annual cash grab(milking), but those big businesses also needs annual releases to sustain their companies,mixing big business and gaming, Ugh.

I3loggs241795d ago

I would love another Witcher game, but leave Geralt alone, his story is over. I would enjoy a story with a young Vesemir, maybe start the game off with Vesemir enduring the Trial of the grasses, then fast forward to a 20 something year old Vesemir leaving Kaer Morhen for the first time on a quest which becomes much more epic then dangerous then expected.
I wouldnt even want it to be as large and open world like TW3, I think semi open chapters like TW2 would suit it best.