GTA Online “Not Permanent” Says Take-Two

You might think that with the massive (financial) success GTA Online has been, it will become a permanent fixture. However it has been revealed that GTA Online it not here to stay forever.

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pompombrum1795d ago

Well not "forever" but why not keep up these sort of updates? It's one of the best MMOs on consoles with so much to do with fun being at the forefront of the experience. I hope they at least keep the updates rolling in until GTA 6.

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Lordchunk1795d ago

I don't play GTA online as heavily as I use to, but checking back in every now and then is pretty nice seeing all the new weapons and vehicles etc. Brings more life to the game and the support is commendable.

Kallisti1795d ago

Calling it now RDR Online will be the next big thing

scark921795d ago

I loved the online in RDR!

KyRo1795d ago

The multiplayer in RDR and Max Payne 3 were amazing but Rockstar lost me with GTAO. I couldn't stand all the loading.

Loading game... Connecting to GTAO... Connection error... Joining lobby... Match wll start in 90 seconds. More loading... It's so tedious.

RDR had it right.

LucasRuinedChildhood1795d ago

Yeah. I like GTAO quite a bit, but I thought RDR felt a lot more seamless. Ironically, the world didn't feel as empty either, because they were spawning in a similar amount of NPCs, whereas there is a noticeable disparity in GTA Online, between it and the campaign. There was also all the farms to casually attack in the open world with friends which was awesome. The co-op horde mode in Undead Nightmare was an unbelievable amount of fun as well.

Wallstreet371795d ago

You really thought the mp in MP3 was amazing? Compared to what? I am not trolling and i am really curious. I put tons of hours in MP3 mp but compared to the likes of Uncharted mp it just looked and felt so awkward. Controls were nowhere as smooth and felt clunky. What i did like about it was all the customization in that i think it was better than most mps. MP3 mp was definitely not amazing but it was serviceable

We all have opinions and i respect them but it always gives me a brain spasm whenever i see others criticize Uncharted mp but say an the mp from a game like say Far Cry 3 lol or MP3 was awesome (this comment isnt directed at you as you did not mention Uncharted at all, just a general thought.)

By the way i enjoyed RDR mp alot and on that one i agree, although it kinda died fast from what i remember on PS3.

Anyway your opinion would be greatly appreciated.

PurpHerbison1795d ago

Every time I wanted to get on GTAO I felt like it was a gamble. Am I actually going to get into that race? Or will I face several loading screens until I finally decide to call it quits.

joab7771795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

I can't wait!!! Though having just started F04, working and going to school, it will be awhile b4 I get to anything else. I'll spend a whole night building a settlement.

hells_supernova1795d ago

How good was the shoot out before each match. Loved that multiplayer. Really hoping another one releases' soon

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Shubhendu_Singh1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

I am sure "Not Permanent" is said in context that it shouldn't be considered as a standalone MMO. (not in strict sense)

By that I mean GTA6 will have its own Online mode and people should move on to that one. We will move on.
I'm just guessing that Take2 might think we will get angry when they cut support of GTA5online once GTA6online rolls.

@garrett : I think everybody expects them to. Am I wrong in assuming this ?

garrettbobbyferguson1795d ago

Sounds more like they're warning people that they intend to eventually abandon it.

Austin481795d ago

I hate gta online I only play it for the single player.

Psychotica1795d ago

I don't hate it, I just wished they would have made all events functional for solo gamers.

JackBNimble1795d ago

There are a ton of missions you can do solo but you can't expect all of them to be that way. I often do missions solo, even survival missions .

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