Hip to Hate: Does Ubisoft Deserve The Excessive Criticism It’s Receiving Lately?

"If there’s one thing the gaming world should never underestimate is the voice of the gamer. We tend to be quit an unforgiving bunch and barely forgive studios for their mistakes. Sometimes it does feel justified: Battlefront’s lack of content and charging full price comes to mind. But other times I can’t help but feel that we may be overdoing it. Case and point, Ubisoft."

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CoNn3r_B1794d ago

No. I find the complaints that Ubisoft makes 'lazy' and 'bad' games to be nothing more than baseless complaints. If you look at the games they've made it just comes off as whiny.
The Assassin's Creed series, I can only point to 1 Assassin's Creed game being bad and it's Unity.
Far Cry, Far Cry 3 is still one of the best games I've ever played, Far Cry 4 was more of the same but I didn't mind while Far Cry Primal took the Far Cry formula and added a refreshing twist.
The Division, while experiencing a few bugs is a fine game, not really to my taste but I can see why people like it.
The Splinter Cell series is one of my favourite series ever and Ghost Recon is nothing short
of brilliant.
For Honor and is one of my most anticipated games for next gen. With all that written above I find it difficult to understand the hate just because some games don't look as when they were revealed and while that is a bad thing I don't see it as enough of a reason to crucify the company.

RashBandicoot1794d ago

Well glad I'm not the only one who sees this. I just feel like Ubisoft has become a giant target for gamers to fend their frustration on the AAA industry.

Spenok1794d ago

The masses latch onto any bad "news" they can, and often make it BLOWN out of proportion. This goes for any industry or topic too.

As far as Ubisoft is concerned. They've made some mistakes, but that doesn't make the hate and vitriol they receive justified. Everyone makes mistakes.

Shubhendu_Singh1794d ago

I am kinda in the same boat.

Would I ever trust a Ubisoft E3 presentation ? - No way
Would I still be excited to play the game even after downgrades or whatnot ? - Hell yeah.

Their games might be a little repetitive (looking at you AC-collectibles) but in no way are BAD. After AC3 so-so response, didn't they came out with Black Flag ? After Unity's crushing feedback, didn't they came out with Syndicate ?

They're in no way perfect. But they do jump in with new ideas. FOR HONOR?, THE DIVISION?, FC:PRIMAL?
They could be better with their marketing and false vertical slices on E3. The new gameplay trailer of Wildlands does looks a little worn out than the E3 one, but STILL looks damn fun to play through.

Judge a game not by what was promised(not only Ubi, but all pubs lie), but what its actual final result is. WD could have been hyped to the moon, but if a person had completely missed out on those marketing while living in a cave, I bet he would had liked that game quite a lot. Not the best...but still not that worst either. Looking forward to For Honor. (I heard they are promising to add Campaign in it. yes!!)

CrimzonRazor1794d ago

Watchdogs was trash and they were straight out misleading about the game up to its release. Unity on pc was so buggy MANY could not play it for months after release. The division a buggy mess to this date and is overrun to this day with hackers. There is so many great games on the market that I do not find ubi games to be worth the risk. This is not someone who had one bad game then tried to make up for it, they have done it over and over in a period of a few years. When do you say enough and pull your support many like myself have already reached that point.

OoglyBoogly1794d ago

What exactly did they lie about with Watch Dogs other than graphical and scripted sequences changes? I think the end product was one of the most faithful we've gotten from any dev/pub.

shmowboyfebop1794d ago

They've standardized a formula for their openworld games. I think it's fair to complain about.

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uth111794d ago

Lately? Ubisoft hate was so 2014. Since then the company to hate was Konami (2015), and 2016 looks to be shaping up to be Activision's year if the CoD reveal was any indication

Zorkaz1794d ago

I think lots of Ubisoft's hate is undeserved, and I think lots of it's new game's just go to prove that. To be honest I hate the whole unforgiving attitude of some people towards companies like Ubisoft and EA. For god's sake, if you don't like the game, don't start a feud about it! Just hope the next game is better or play something else. I know somebody who's started avoiding Ubisoft games in general because he didn't like AC Unity. What the hell? What are you gaining from that? In the end, bad games are hurting the company, not the players, so people should just chill out about stuff like this. The new CoD Infinite Warfare is just an example of that. I mean people didn't want more future settings but jeez the game hasn't come out yet and Activision are receiving death threats. Just play Black Ops and leave them alone you know?

Braxmapoutras1794d ago

They deserve it and so as to name a few games they ruined with their laziness heroes of might and magic 7,Ac unity,the division,Rainbow six siege and the crew.....all of them half broken, and abandoned to their sorry state with almost none existent patches and updates....I for one don't really care what the rest of you here believe because I clearly see you enjoy their games but I will not support them....I don't trust nor like their tactics after so many of their games having so many recycled assets from one game the other, so much so, that they almost feel like they are all in the same universe...from the assassin's creed to the crew and the division (and of course watchdogs) it's like you play the same game in many different formats...also the always cluttered interface with unnecessary icons and glowing stuff so that "you will find what you need easier"....I won't support them because I dont believe they diserve it....I mean you can't even play games that you have paid for with their stupid launcher and drm....(I own heroes of might and magic 6 and can't play it because of the servers or drm or whatever they do so it won't launch and if you don't believe me about this one check yourselves in the reviews in steam)

It's my opinion by the way so no need to start hating because I dislike your beloved developer...
It's not like anything will change because I dont like their brother is obsessed with assassin's creed and its ok as long as you are enjoying their games...just don't claim that they are not at fault or that they are perfect or respectable...because after all their lies and broken games they lost the respectable part(in my opinion again)

Chaosdreams1794d ago

Eh, besides them always using bait tactics with their game reveals (graphics never meeting what's initially shown) they are fine, besides the hiccups that apparently plague a lot of games (though, some rise above it).

Ubisoft isn't the worst, but they have fallen.