Bethesda To Announce New Remaster During E3, New Capcom Xbox Exclusive Game To Be Revealed As Well

According to well known insider Shinobi, Bethesda will announce a new remaster at the E3. Capcom will also reveal a new Xbox exclusive title

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YinYangGaming1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

Skyrim remaster (more than a mere bump to 1080p) textures have been re-worked as well as the lighting etc. And it will come with mod support on consoles. Dead Rising 4 exclusive to Xbox. Thought I'd keep it to myself but since the info is half way out there might as well share

ZaWarudo1795d ago

I think i would rebuy Skyrim just for mod support.

GameNameFame1795d ago

I am not sure why even call Capcom game "exclusive" as last capcom and most third party "exclusive" went multiplatform after few months or 1 year max.

Pogmathoin1795d ago

Do us all a favour gameshame, come back in a year and answer that.

bmf73641795d ago

How about them buying out the assets and mod team behind Skywind(Morrowind remake using Skyrim's engine and Morrowind's sound assets) and turning it into a full-fledged remake of Morrowind

NukaCola1795d ago

I would like Morrowind remastered, but that just because I platinumed Skyrim it on PS3.

AngelicIceDiamond1795d ago

Again more leaks! Wtf MS might as well have their conference a week early damn...

This is why MS conferences not surprising anymore.

nX1795d ago

I've played Skyrim for at least 100 hours on PC with mods already, I could not do it again.
Even though I guess there's a market for it, I would be much happier if they'd remaster Morrowind instead.

_LarZen_1794d ago

@Playable_Gamez Everyone has a gaming PC?

cyril sneer1794d ago (Edited 1794d ago )

Well if you guys want mods for these games you need to give a bit more respect for the mod makers and not stealing the mods and also harrasing and demanding mod makers to make specific mods for you.As an example some guy was like make me an ak-47 pc nerd that is not the way to go about it and all the modders will do is never release them and have already started to encrypt their mods so you cannot get them at all.
Here is a video about it and also an article.

_-EDMIX-_1794d ago

I was just thinking the same thing I own Skyrim on PC in the mods truly help the game shine but because my PlayStation 4 is currently much more powerful than my PC I'd love to replay it with the same mods on PlayStation 4 for a good price.

@playable - how do you know he owns a PC? How do you know he owns Skyrim for PC?

The pure ignorance of this makes no sense just because somebody can elsewhere does not mean they have the ability to. They may not own a gaming PC so that may not factor to them at all there is value and releasing a remaster of Skyrim with mods because the vast majority were unable to actually play that game with mods if they owned a Playstation 3 or 360 last generation.

Caedus5111794d ago (Edited 1794d ago )

@GameNameFame Dead Rising 3 and Street Fighter 5 beg to differ. In fact, I don't know of any Capcom console exclusives that have eventually released on another console since Resident Evil 4.

*edit* PC is not a console

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Shubhendu_Singh1795d ago (Edited 1794d ago )

A Skyrim remaster was long on the cards.

I would had said "no way" to DR4 being XB1 exclusive (unlike DR3), when I knew only about DR4 rumour. But Capcom rumour of a XB1 exclusive pretty much shot my prediction. Well atleast we will get it on PC rightaway this time hopefully.

edit: ohhkk. Didn't DR2 came on PS3 too. And I thought DR3 went PC because they wasn't happy with the sales. (same reason why Ryse went to PC). So obviously I was not entirely wrong to think DR4 might be multiplat from the get go !!
Why so many disagrees ? lol (that is before I learned MS is funding DR4)

Thatguy-3101795d ago

Why would you have said no way to the DR exclusivity? DR was exclusive to xbox to begin with. Then the third installment was an exclusive so it's it surprising that the fourth one will continue the trend.

1795d ago
TheColbertinator1795d ago

You all seem to forget Dead Rising 1 was also on Wii

Erik73571795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

There will be a new Wolfenstein game!

You heard it here first,


_-EDMIX-_1794d ago

I actually agree I don't see any way of Dead Rising being exclusive to one platform because I don't believe this Series has ever been exclusive to one platform.

Dead Rising 1 still was ported to the Wii Dead Rising 2 released multi-platform on several platforms Dead Rising 3 was ported to PC after the fact and even this rumor is stating that it's releasing on both PC and Xbox One.

Nivekki1794d ago (Edited 1794d ago )

'I actually agree I don't see any way of Dead Rising being exclusive to one platform because I don't believe this Series has ever been exclusive to one platform. '

Except for for the fact it's been exclusive except for two games? Both of which were still console exclusive as the game that did appear on another console was changed significantly.

'Dead Rising 1'

It was a significantly smaller game and wasn't the same game the Xbox received at all. It was a completely different game.

'Dead Rising 3 was ported to PC'

Which was one of the shittiest ports to grace a system.

Thatguy-3101794d ago (Edited 1794d ago )

Well DR3 happened because of MS funding it. If it wasn't for them then there wouldn't have been a game. It's easy to see that it's a similar story with DR4.

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Paytaa1795d ago

Could also be Oblivion since it's the 10 year anniversary.

Maybe Oblivion Remastered w/ Skyrim BC for Xbox One?

_-EDMIX-_1794d ago

?? Why would the ability to play your old copy on Xbox One be worth an announcement at a gaming event? It's very likely that it's either a remaster of Oblivion or a remaster of Skyrim but I do not believe that at the event they are going to spend any time telling you you could play a copy you already own.

1794d ago
Bahamut1793d ago

The Elder Scrolls Definitive Edition. Includes HD 60fps remasters of Daggerfall, Arena, Morrowind, Oblivion, and Skyrim! $59.99

Xb1ps41795d ago

Remasters sneed to r.i.p

Remasters need to be for a very special breed of games and it seems as if Remasters are a slogan for a new game or something....

conanlifts1795d ago (Edited 1794d ago )

To be honest i bought a pc due to the current remastered trend. I get to play the games for a fraction of the cost and pretty much everything is now remastered for me.

Having said this not everyone wants to do this and there is obviously a market for them. My only issue is every 6 -12 months spent remastering games is potentially 6-12 months longer for the next installment.

_-EDMIX-_1794d ago


@sd11-"My only issue is every 6 -12 months spent remastering games is potentially 6-12 months longer for the next installment."

So bluepoint games remastering the Uncharted collection delayed Uncharted 4 a game they weren't working on?
So gearbox porting Halo 1 and 2 delayed Halo 3 a game they weren't working on? Maybe you should actually learn how the process is done as it's starting to seem like you have no clue about any development....

It literally takes one year to six months to make a port from a team of about probably 10 people.

It's going to take a team of hundreds upon hundreds of people several years in a couple million dollars to produce a huge triple a project.

The funny part about this is a small team they have to do a remaster was never going to impact the game in regards to 10 months or a year delay or anything like that how significant were those 10 people really be if they could be outsourced?

When you take a couple minutes to start googling and educating yourself on the teams that transfer games you'll probably start to realize just how far-fetched and ridiculous your concern actually is....

That is unless you believe other ocean was going to make Street Fighter 7 and blue point games was going to make the Last of Us 2 lol.

conanlifts1794d ago (Edited 1794d ago )

@edmix you should check my wording. I said potentially. I didn't say every game would get delayed,i said games could potentially get delayed.
I also didn't say i had a problem with remasters, i mentioned the market need for them.
Next you should really check your facts. The masterchief collection for example had dozens of people working on it. It was a very large team,10 people do not do a remaster. Now personally i think the mcc was a good remaster and great value, so yes i purchased it.
The last of us remaster started with a small team for example then midway through production a large team joined to help finish the game.
Yes they can get different teams to do the remaster and different studios, but they could also get that studio to do something new ( do you think they would sit around doing nothing).
The best thing about your comment is questioning my knowledge then claiming "literally 10 people" do a remaster. You have no clue. Go and look at the credits for the production team on any remaster. It's multiples of 10. Maybe you should go and "Google"the size of the production teams on uncharted collection, the last of us, halo mcc etc.

conanlifts1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

Im playing it on pc in 4k at the moment. Awesome game. Never played it before.

Downvotes? Is the remaster not likely to be for pc too? Also i said it was an awesome game, it's worth buying for anyone new to it, especially if remastered.

jhpadilla1795d ago

If its Skyrim I would buy it TWICE! For Xbox One and PS4!!! Not even thinking about it!

Goldby1794d ago

why would you waste money on a second copy? you wont be able to transfer saves, mods will most likely come to xbox first.

_-EDMIX-_1794d ago

@gold- how would that be a waste? The version that's on Xbox 360 is not going to have mods or get upgraded to 1080p 60 frames or anything like that so you're not buying anything a second time because you never owned a copy that ran those settings on 360 in the first place.

xfiles20991795d ago

If it is not Skyrim or Fallout 3 I do not care

garrettbobbyferguson1795d ago

More Bethesda quality. Aren't they just such wonderful developers? /s

nitus101795d ago

I suppose if it is a remaster then Skyrim would be the obvious choice. Now if they put in the Legendary Edition that would be extra filling and of course mod support would be the icing on the cake.

Personally, I would love it if they make Elder Scrolls VI in a different place and possibly a different timeline.

starrman19851794d ago

I was really hoping for a Morrowind remaster, but I'll happily settle for Skyrim!

Sirk7x1794d ago

Hell yes Morrowind, greatest Elder Scrolls hands down.

S2Killinit1794d ago

I never got to finish Skyrim so this is sweet news for me.

Bigpappy1794d ago

I don't need a syringe remaster. But remaster Morrowind, and I am all over that one. Not a remaster fan though. And Skyrim was quite recent and does really need to be remastered.

Wallstreet371794d ago

lol thnks and most of us here frequent neogaf so we know about Dead Rising or weve alreacy expounded on it.

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Golden_Mud1795d ago

Why do they always say "take it with a grain of salt" when it's Shinobi, an insider that never lied about a thing...or he may have and I don't know about that.

poppinslops1795d ago

He's never wrong... some people just don't want to believe in his announcements (see Horizon: Zero Dawn's delay), so they lump him with the likes of Tidux and Thuway.

OpieWinston1795d ago

Shinobi is the only one anyone should follow.

Overload1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )


That's not true. On Gaf for example, there are many people who know things going on behind the scenes, you just need to know them or who they are. Shinobi just doesn't mind the publicity, alot of them don't want any attention being brought to them over leaks. You can get in alot of trouble and lose your job, which isn't worth it to generate some hype on a forum.

Blacklash931795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

It's just the writer covering themselves. It's understandable to advise people to be cautious about leaks until they are officially confirmed. As trustworthy as this insider may be, there's always the possibility that a leak may not be true.

Overload1795d ago

The problem is companies create fake leaks to try to find the leakers sometimes.

Goldby1794d ago


Is that a problem. i would much rather have a bunch of fake leaks that have nothing to do with a game over revealing everything like they are doing now.

Wallstreet371794d ago

Its just a bunch of %sshole, haters lol. Funny when neo and scorpio were announced and came from reliable insiders from gaf you had the same haters on here saying "oh lol its just a rumor and they hardly come true" but now although its still a rumor ppl believe. It was these same ppl that have been more right then wrong, time and time again from the initial Ps4 specs all the way down to the ram, to Xbone and microsft pushing Dram, to PS Virtual Reality. Seriously some ppl on here need to give it a break already your not impressing no one with your bs condescending smart %ss know it all remarks "oh its just a rumor from somebody on neogaf its probably false" lol smh. Im not saying we should 100% trust every rumor but we should look at whos saying the rumor and not dispell it jst because. Some insiders are right like 80% of the time and they might have been right the other 20% of the time but companies do change things up last minute.

ninsigma1795d ago

Capcom xbox exclusive is certainly going to be dead rising 4. Kind of expected that really. I wonder does that mean console exclusive and it'll be on pc as well??

More than likely will be a skyrim remaster from Bethesda. Lots of people have been asking for that. Easy money I should think!

Herbalistic1795d ago

I have a feeling the game will come to PC being as DR3 and SFV did.

ninsigma1795d ago

I have a feeling you're right!

sammarshall1021795d ago

It will it's Win 10/Xbox exclusive

Yui_Suzumiya1795d ago

With it being Microsoft and Capcom then definitely PC as well.

Relientk771795d ago

I'm assuming either Skyrim or Fallout 3

Kallisti1795d ago

I highly doubt it would be Fallout 3, which is already available on Xbox One via backwards compatibility anyway. They already ported Skyrim to the Xbox One as a technical exercise while developing Fallout 4 so I'd say Skyrim is a lot more likely to be getting the remaster treatment. Plus they've already announced more DLC coming for Fallout 4 so It's even less likely they'd be remastering Fallout 3 anytime soon.

galgor1794d ago

More than likely Skyrim, but I'd kill for Fallout 3 and New Vegas on PS4.

TXIDarkAvenger1794d ago

Definitely Skyrim. They will probably port this in preparation of the next Elder Scrolls game which should be coming in a year or two.

vega2751795d ago

As I said in the other thread. DR4 was coming out on the X1. It's where most if not all of the support for this series came from. It's where fans of the series are on.

gangsta_red1795d ago

Definitely a huge fan of the DR series. I wonder if it will use the fabled cloud tech ;)

Also I hope the rumor of co-op for DR4 is true because playing a game like that with friends would be the biggest blast ever.

ziggurcat1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

I'm not a huge fan of MP or co-op, nor have I played any of the DR games, but I can certainly see how co-op would add to the fun factor in this case.

Jburr941795d ago

As long as Sony isn't throwing them see what happened with ROTTR when the TR got most of its support from PlayStation 😐

Pogmathoin1795d ago

Sony fans ignored the reboot....

ziggurcat1795d ago (Edited 1794d ago )


Care to back that up with proof?


@pog - No numbers were even mentioned by jburr. And do you also have proof that all Sony fans think it's a poor man's uncharted?

killer_goat1795d ago

@pogmathoin yet the reboot sold more on the ps4

Pogmathoin1794d ago

Yes, it sold more, but not in the numbers that Jburr would have you believe in his comment... TR is considered a poor mans Uncharted by Sony fans....

kraenk121794d ago


I guess that's why the reboot sold 3!!! times as many games on PS4.

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_-EDMIX-_1794d ago

I believe it's not coming to those platforms based on where the fans of the series are it's likely coming there because Microsoft is paying for the development I do not believe Capcom can release Dead Rising 4 like they released Dead Rising 2 last generation.

Capcom is in dire Financial stress currently. I don't believe that the sole reason of Street Fighter 5 releasing on PlayStation and PC was because it's where most of the fans are they released it this way because they didn't have the money to release it another way this could be said about the rest of their deals that have been happening thus far they don't have the financial stability to fully go multi-platform with some of these projects.