Is Gaming Wasting Our Time?

“This is Snake..” the first line voiced by David Hayter in what was arguably gaming at its peak back in 1998. The player would experience the fast paced, exciting but clostraphobic game that defined the stealth genre. Fast forward to today and I have the fifth console installment of the franchise, Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain and after completing the gruelling monologue, I am introduced to the open world, literally, as the latest instalment is an open world game.

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Shillmeister1800d ago

A good read. I personally quite like a good, shorter 4-10ish hour games myself.. just I normally have to wait a while after release until they're cheaper than when at full RRP, which can be silly expensive for what it is. But they can be as good, if not better than full-blown Open World titles I believe; Journey, Monument Valley, Strike Suit Zero, Valiant Hearts, Pneuma, Halo: Spartan Assault, Beyond Eyes, all being said examples of great short games (imo of course).

As much as I enjoy open-world games, I tend to play them for 1-3 hours, and if I'm not hooked or intrigued by the story that'll be the end of it until I can make time for it. Witcher 3 is the most recent open-world title I can think of I've played, that had me hooked from the get-go, so I have spent about a good 1-3weeks worth of time playing it, if not more (thus far anyway, I have yet to start the expansions).

In short, if a game can get me hooked on its gameplay and story, and is something I enjoy playing, then it's not wasting time to be playing it. Though it can be a bummer when a game builds to an anticlimactic ending. That kind of makes me question the time I spent on it, but it's a chance to take.

JakeNoseIt1800d ago

I feel similarly, for me to really get hooked by a big open world game, it almost has to be the perfect storm of my interests. I really liked the witcher 3, but I didn't spene that much time with it and I think it was only because I don't really care for the fantasy setting all that much.

Overwatch is the first multiplayer-centric game I've really enjoyed, and after putting so many hours into that, I have no idea what I want anymore haha

_LarZen_1799d ago

The older I get the more I like shorter games. I don't got time or the will to play games that lasts what feels forever.

jessionpc1798d ago

Consider opting out of that rat race buddy. You're making yourself a number. Downsize, live within your means, and stop doing what the tv tells you too.

A couple hundred thou in the bank making you some returns will give you a little bit more time.

Orionsangel1799d ago

Asking that question is like asking if, reading or movies are a waste of time. Games today at their core are not that different from, reading or movies. The difference is a game has a story that you can interact with and to challenge you.

Omnisonne1799d ago

Difference is watching TV for 4-6 hours a day numbs your brain, as opposed to playing games where you use several parts of your brain (depending on the game) Aside from that, some games can teach people some pretty important stuff about life. It's just that people (mostly non-gamers and media) like to paint gaming off as silly and useless

Chaos_Order1799d ago

Having more money than time can rather annoying. Despite my best efforts, I currently have a backlog of 19 games, with several releases in the coming months. Many of the games in my backlog are also 40+ hour RPGs. I'm also the type to fully commit myself to completing a game, only ever quitting if I just plain don't like it. And now I've gotten back into reading books, so that's more free time not spent gaming.

Despite this, I do appreciate long games. There's something about coming back to a game over the course of a few weeks that makes it feel like an epic journey as opposed to a quick, fun-filled weekend. I'll still keep buying games as I like having a large selection at hand for whatever takes my fancy.

R6ex1799d ago

I have backlog of 200 games in Steam, PS3/4, Xbox ... out of the 100 played Steam games and 50 more from PS3/4. Xbox.

No time!!!

Omnisonne1799d ago

Yeah I got a whole heap on steam left untouched aswell, not sure though if it's disinterest that has me playing new games over those or something else.. But I promised myself not to buy anything after Overwatch so there we go :D

R6ex1799d ago

I used to really enjoy gaming, but as work piles up, I can't afford to 'waste' so much time on games anymore. I've switched hobby to watching movies/dramas/anime. Quick break and its back to work again. Maybe when I retire, I'll come back to gaming .....

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