UntoldGaming: Dead Island Definitive Collection Review

George Foster from UntoldGaming writes:
Five years later, Deep Silver has released a 1080p remaster of the first two games in the series Dead Island and Dead Island Riptide, bundled with a new ‘retro’ minigame; Retro Revenge. Is this collection the best way to play one of the sunniest zombie killing franchises?

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Shillmeister1794d ago

Hmmm, not the "definitive edition" it could have been then :/ Surely of all things in a definitive/GOTY edition is to have all the technical issues ironed out?!

JakeNoseIt1794d ago

I've never played a DI game so I was thinking about picking this up

MadMax1794d ago

I think the whole zombie thing has been played out to hell already! Now we're seeing remasters of them. Geez, when will the nightmare end? Lol