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bouzebbal1804d ago (Edited 1804d ago )

Massive news!
I love FFXII.. This news is huge

Bansai1804d ago

The milking continues. Shame the game had absolutely no worthwhile story, played more like an offline mmo.

jessionpc1804d ago Show
pedrof931804d ago


So the 92 on metacritic means what exactly ? XI was an MMO not XII.

Blackcanary1804d ago

@ Pedrof93 The main reason it felt like an mmorpg was because the battle system was built around FF XI when it comes to targetting the mobs FFXI was the first FF to let you to be able to see the mobs with out random battles starting and forcing you into the fight. But the fed up big time to to copy that into FFX12. This game sucked anyway all the main well known summons where ship names instead and it felt like a wanna be Star wars imo.

notachance1804d ago

@above hater
many people asked for it, it is A GREAT GAME.
yes special snowflakes you hate it, so what? Me and many others like it.

and it's not like every gamer is obligated to buy it, just leave the damn game alone if you're not going to bother with it.

Bansai1804d ago

I guess I can't even voice a negative opinion since I'm not gonna buy it, right notachance? And I'm the hater, lol.

Pedrof, that's why I said OFFLINE MMO, because the story in this game is non-existent.

nitus101804d ago

One thing that I did find annoying about FFXII were those targeting lines. Fortunately, you can turn them off.

Compared to other FF games FFXII has relatively huge maps and is fairly open world in that you can basically go just about anywhere (within reason) although you won't survive long even if you opt for turn-based combat.

Some features I really did like with FFXII were, no random encounters since you could see all enemies and you did not shift into a battle arena on each encounter you actually fought in the area where you encountered the enemy. You could even swap your party members in battle as well as the ability to position each combat party member on the battlefield.


You are entitled to your opinion but believe it or not, there was quite a decent story in FFXII.

I still have both FFX and FFXII and a backwards compatible PS3 but a remaster will look so much better. Still I have played both games and unless they are selling the remasters for say $20.00 (which they won't, although they will drop in price over time) I am not that interested.

Xasthirion1804d ago


You know you could just...not buy them right? These are for people who may not have played the original and may not have access to a 16 year old console or even a TV to play it on for that matter since many new TVs don't even have a component input. Or y'know, maybe people like me who enjoyed it and want to play it again with modernized graphics. So if I want to play this game, I need to go out and buy a used PS2, an old CRT TV/converter box for $100 and play a shitty low res version of a game just because YOU say so? You are clearly the idiot in this situation, not them. It will cost much more than $20 to buy a copy of the original game, a PS2 and a TV/component converter box than it would be to simply buy an HD remake. And again, if people don't want to buy it, they wont. You realize you are not forced to purchase every product that is advertised to you, right?

Kyizen1804d ago (Edited 1804d ago )


This game came out 10 years ago, that means if your 15 now you were 5 when ot launched. Let people experience a game that us older folks enjoyed. If you dont like hd remasters then dont buy them no one is forcing you too. Yes it is an easy cash grab but so are sequels and reboots in hollywood but it doesnt mean they shouldnt exist

Eonjay1804d ago

I have been waiting for this for a while!

jstark1804d ago

@Bansai shit we already almost 3 years into this gen and all the console FF games have all been remasters

Yi-Long1804d ago

Never played the original but I'll check this out because they will include the Japanese voices this time.

I hope they'll show World of Final Fantasy at E3 as well.

mechlord1804d ago (Edited 1804d ago )


He gets disagrees for the "had absolutely no worthwhile story" part. Mine included

hay1804d ago

Yes, finally, day one.

Bansai1804d ago

It has a story, but not a worthwhile one, it's cut in the middle and characters are boring [with the exception of balthier] without any development. But I guess you can't argue with people that are clouded by nostalgia.

DarXyde1804d ago (Edited 1804d ago )

Bansai and Jessionpc,

You may have forgotten: Persona 4 released on Vita. Ask yourselves, why would I bring that up?

Because, considering both games released near the end of PS2's life, they were easy titles to overlook and probably were never abundantly available. Unless of course you like paying inflated rare game prices from personal sellers.

I think it's a good idea. Sure, they could release it as a PS2 classic, but I'm very okay with them putting some soul into a remaster.

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Null19801804d ago

Knew it had to happen! I hope it's not late 2017, I want to play it yesterday! :P

Tdmd1804d ago

Yeah man, me too. And is it 2017 world-wide release or just for the orient? If that's the case, we might have to wait as far as 2018 for a western release... :(

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Sunny_D1804d ago

Seeing this makes me so happy! It just reminded me what if this game was remade as well?!! Sigh if only...

KentBenMei1804d ago

Indeed, but where is the Vita version?!

Null19801804d ago

Remote Play is good enough for me, I don't really take my Vita out much anymore. I like to sit outside on the porch and stream PS4 games though. This will be another great game for Remote Play. :)

Kurisu1804d ago

I bet this game will release with a demo of the Final Fantasy VII Remake to boost sales.

paradigmfellow1804d ago

Yay! I was not able to play FF12 when it first came out. It was a difficult period of my life and I am greatful that I will have the opportunity to do so now.

1804d ago
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Eiyuuou1804d ago (Edited 1804d ago )

This feeling. It must be hype, right?

_cyrax1804d ago

"you feel it too don't you"

Sunny_D1804d ago

This feels good, doesn't it?

Warpaint1804d ago

I thought so, but I had to change my underwear

indyman77771804d ago

haha I think I will wait to see if they turn it into a action rpg. I Don't know WHAT to call FFXII. It was not really action, and it was not turn based either, even though you can wait around and run out of range of battles.

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littlezizu1804d ago

Finally, Thank you Square and hopefully western release is not far off.