PcAdvisor: Disgaea 3 review

PcAdvisor Writes:

"In conclusion, there are only a few things that I can definitively say: if you've never played a Disgaea title before, then head out and grab Disgaea 3. For veterans of the series... yeah, it's more of the same, but with this franchise, when has that ever been a bad thing? Disgaea 3 still manages to carry itself with enough charm and self-referential humor to make it stand out in a wave of "next-gen" role playing games and turn based strategy titles, and is definitely worth a look from hardcore Overlords to fledgling demon wannabes."

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Bombibomb3698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

3.5/5, not 10. Lol.

Rick Astley3698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

Just look at the morons that approved it. All 360 fanboys lol. They approved it even knowing it's a fake score.

Edit: Ok it's fixed now. Took long enough ROFL!

InMyOpinion3698d ago

Looks really good for being a PS2 game.

heyheyhey3698d ago

any good SRPG's on the 360? yeah didn't think so

Valkyria Chronicles soon..

juuken3698d ago

Well, at least it scored better than the infamous Infinite Undiscovery.

InMyOpinion3698d ago

Not on the 360, but I have some on my GBA lol!

Vicophine3698d ago

And this has to do with the X360 and GBA how?...

juuken3698d ago

Don't worry Vicophine.

Jenzo is quite a strange bot.
Just observe him and his strange ways, of course.

Light Yagami3698d ago

How's Operation Darkness on the 360 working for you?

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tangerine3698d ago

Ps2 sprites or not, I love a good SRPG!
This will tie me over till Little Big Planet.

cliffbo3698d ago

jesus, you'll barely scratch the surface

Panthers3697d ago

This games meta score is 80! Not bad.

leyego3697d ago

way better then too flop
sorry i had to