Is Console Gaming Dying?

Is console gaming actually dying? Regardless to what percpective you look at, there has been a slight decline in the console gaming market. While Sony’s PlayStation 4 is the fastest-selling console in the world, many reports claim that consoles represent 32.4% of the market as of 2016.

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IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1802d ago

The PS4 is the fastest selling Playstation console ever created and more than 40 million people have one.


Shubhendu_Singh1802d ago

Though it's true that number of consoles sold at this time in previous generation is less than what we're selling now, even with PS4 sales, because Wii was a huge success.

Console gaming is fine where it is. Just how many times does these articles comes around whenever we're about to see another console or something ? It's like journalist's go-to article after every 6 months.

freshslicepizza1802d ago

its not dying, its adapting.

XisThatKid1802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

Bottom line, no. Unless the industry decides to blur the line of pc and console gaming adding with mobile. But with the amazing success of modern consoles, hell no. It's not dying in any sense beyond that you and me are dying as's fans happen someday but it's hardly in intensive care our life support so....
Btw I'm not clicking on this.

Maddens Raiders1802d ago

Exactly. This is just foolishness.

"Is Console Gaming Dying?" ..... Not in my house, it's not.

DLB231802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

Ladies and gentlemen let's take a moment and think about this..... Consoles are the most neglected platform today. The loss of Developers ,Triple A games and third-party support has ruined everything. Mobile gaming is today's standard and our future. It's sad to admit I have more fun playing games on my smartphone vs my Xbox One or PS4. Consoles have no games to play. I have 340 games on my smartphone and 4 games on my PS4.

Null19801802d ago

Speak for yourself. I can't stand touch screen gaming unless it's a slow paced strategy game of some sort.

ninsigma1802d ago

Mobile gaming is in no way todays standard.

Goldby1802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

Looks whos back to make us all think....

340 FREE games that are all candy crush clones. VS 4 games that spent millions to develop.

8 have 1 puzzle game on my phone to keep me busy on elevators when no one is in there with me, i have about 100+ games on my ps4. So by your logic. Smartphone gaming is dead and console gaming has never been story because I SAID SO

For a gaming "podcaster" you really are out of the loop

nowitzki20041802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

What you smoking? I need some better stuff, my stuff doesnt work as good as the stuff you smoke.

Console gaming is at its lowest point it has ever been for me, but havent touched a mobile game in like a year though where I still use my PS4 daily... Console gaming is at its lowest point in my household because of PC, Nothing to do with cellphones lol.

Those people that primarily game on mobile devices and call themseleves gamers are pretty hilarious.

nitus101802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

The only mobile game I actually play is Solitaire as a time waster when I am waiting. I do on occasion play Angry Birds however lately that is getting decidedly boring. Most mobile games seem to be some variation of Tetris, Bubble Bubble, card games and slot machines. Oh yes and the odd RPG (even though I do like this genres) , Strategy or Fighting game which for me gets old really quickly since I really hate the touch screen interfaces.

Inzo1802d ago

Well I guess if you cant afford console games the only other option is free to play mobile games.

nitus101802d ago

Ah, you must really like adverts. I can understand adverts for free games but every few minutes?

jessionpc1802d ago

No, DLB has it right.

Quality be damned, publishers are milking cheap experiences, and we're getting force fed a bunch of multiplayer only shooters. The industry is in alot of trouble.

There are amazing games out there for consoles still, but times have changed drastically. Just look at the NES/SNES/N64/PS1/PS2, MOST of their libraries are exclusive pieces of artwork. Now we got 2 consoles playing the same games with 1 exclusive game worth playing a year.

Wool over the eyes though I guess, people don't wanna see the truth because it hurts.

A couple more generations all games will be streamed or running off some micro technology phone with an extremely casual easy to use interface.


Well, it will change, because business and reality. Here's hoping to a future kickstarter to the relic that is console gaming. /cheers everyone. Long live the ps4.

nowitzki20041802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

Depends on what you are playing.

"1 exclusive game worth playing a year."

You must be on Xbox. and who buys a console to only play exclusives? I own a PC but still buy some multiplats on PS4 to play with friends.

Ra3v3r1802d ago


Eh, I bought a PS4 just for the exclusives. All my mates are on Xbox so naturally any game with a multiplayer component is getting bought for that plus as a 360 gamer last gen I was able to pull my old profile across.

However, if it performs considerably better on PS4 and I'm the only one interested in buying it then of course I'll buy it there.

I've only had my PS4 for about a month, but I decided this was the year that had just the right exclusives coming and I'm looking forward to what's coming.

On topic, the console in a traditional sense may disappear eventually but it's not gonna be an overnight thing. The pace at which technology improves will slow and the cost will drop making access easier. The house of the future will be fully integrated and one device will likely give access to all you're media on demand. It's just likely that the MS or Sony of the future could be a services provider similar to the electric company, just they provide and install all of the hardware for your home. Even the traditional idea of PC gaming could be replaced by this or a different technology once we hit the point of diminishing returns.

Kabaneri1802d ago

Um no mobile gaming is cancer.

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Jburr941802d ago

You're completely alone on that one

Maddens Raiders1802d ago

@DLB23 -- smh... no no no my man.. you're doing it wrong.

ASBO-51802d ago

Grats chump, way to be part of the problem

Ceaser98573611802d ago

Lol! what ?? Consoles were never neglected ever.. Gaming industries, AAA devs are surviving because of consoles today... Get a reality check dude.

InTheLab1802d ago

You're saying you have games better than Dark Souls, Uncharted, and Doom? That's what I'm playing. What are you playing?

Null19801802d ago

Don't be hatin' on Candy Crush. /s

Khaotic1802d ago

Scrub, you are not a gamer

SegaGamer1802d ago

DLB23.......what the hell are you talking about ?

Mobile gaming will never take over consoles. Gamers prefer to play their games on a big screens rather than play crappy puzzle games on a mobile.

Mr-Dude1798d ago

I thought UC4 would be a mediocre game? You trolled the shit out of that gane, and now you are back... Even made a comment that looked like Sony itself deleted it, LOL!


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Zombeess1802d ago

Console gaming never dies

Jburr941802d ago

The consoles are doomed I tell ya! (For the past 15 years apparently) people want consoles to die so badly and it's just not going to happen

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