Motus CEO talks Darwin motion-control

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The success of the Wii has brought a lot of attention to motion-based game controls. Sony and Microsoft are undoubtedly working on their own motion-control systems right at this moment, but Motus, a company started by a team of MIT grads out in Cambridge, Massachusetts, has already demonstrated a new controller that has the potential to bring motion control to any gaming platform.

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ape0073727d ago (Edited 3727d ago )

we don't want crappy motion controlles in ps3 or 360,leave the hardcore alone,if this happens,you are gonna see a sea of crappy,retarded and casual stuff,imagine carnival games for ps3 or Microsoft sports,or other gimmicky games



kspraydad3727d ago

As it isn't the STANDARD way of controlling the majority of developers will continue to program for the DS3. Those that DO program for the Motus MAY bring new customers into the PS3 fold. That is good for all PS3 owners as more consoles means more overall support.

It really wouldn't affect your gaming on the PS3 negatively AT ALL.

Mike134nl3727d ago

As long as the motion controller doesn't come standard with a console, I can't see this taking off.
But it might spur third party developers to make better quality games

Ju3727d ago

I agree. As long as its a third party product, I'd call this failure to launch. We had that before and it never worked out. If all future consoles come with wigly controls, I'm out of console gaming, seriously. PS3 won't get old, though. No need to be afraid.

knoxin3727d ago

I rekon the next xbox 720 you;ll get one in the box

tk3727d ago

Rather than having a PS2 / PS3 Wiimote, XB360 Wiimote - rather let Motus make it for this gen. Next gen this should be standard.

lewis3727d ago

thats gotta sell fast!!!!

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